Learn How to Edit YouTube Videos Like a Pro

Can you imagine people watching videos for more than a billion hours every day? That is how YouTube has grown. Data shows that YouTube has more than 1.8 billion users worldwide. And millions of videos are posted every single day.

But how can you create and post a video that competes with all those millions? Does it sound like a big thing? Well, how you edit your videos determines your success. Even if you are new to the game of videos, creating a well-organized and smooth video is something you can avoid when attracting the viewer’s attention.

Shooting good clips alone does Jimperial CC not guarantee a good YouTube video. You need to put together all those clips to make a slowing story that your audience will love to watch. And with the best skills in editing a video, you can cut your footage, organize clips and add sound effects to provide viewers with the most engaging videos.

Step by Step Guide on How to Edit Your Video like Pro

Begin With Project Directory

It is tempting to throw everything onto your computer and hope for the best when working on an editing project. However, that should not be the case. Make sure to develop a project directory anytime you want to work on an editing project.

Start with a project folder. You can then create several folders within the project folder. Ensure your folders have labels like raw footage, graphics, photos, music, and sound. Place all your materials in the folders based on type. Organizing your project in such a manner helps to keep things accessible with ease. And it also enhances speedy flow when editing.

Choose the Right Online Video Editor.

Choice of editing tools is all about control. Do you want a simple and free online video editor to throw a few clips, add some titles and then post your YouTube videos? Or would you want something complex that helps you layer videos like Photoshop and use keyboard shortcuts?

Many online video editor tools are available to help you polish your clips and create quality content. However, you should first master how to edit a video using the available tools.

Start Trimming

When shooting, you will take thousands of clips. But not all of them will be good for your video. Once you put everything in order, cut your footage into several separate clips. Then, trim their beginnings and endings. That helps you to remove unwanted frames from the footage. Trimming is vital to ensure your video begins quickly and you do not lose the attention of your viewers.

As you trim your video, you should make it strategic. That involves cutting out unnecessary and leaving just the content your viewers will love to watch. And with the best free online video editing software, you can cut any part of your footage to add transitions or cropping. All you need are basic skills in editing a video.

Fine Edits and Transitions.

After trimming your footage, you will have a rough edit which you can do fine editing on. Here, you should perfect the timing of your scene. Go into every scene as fast as you can and move on when done making your point. If you linger too long, you make your audience lose interest.

Transitions in your video need to be effective. You can use transitions to bring your video cuts together in a smooth way. Make sure to keep your transitions simple and straight. But you can have faded or dissolved transitions. You may use animated transitions like flashes or wipes to inspire visual interest. However, you should use them sparingly. Though animated transitions help to emphasize specific points in your video, do not make them too flashy or distracting.

Avoid Jump Cuts

Abrupt transitions will not be good for your YouTube video. Jump cuts draw the attention of your viewers, which can take them out of the story your video is giving. When editing your footage, ensure to cut between close-up and medium to eliminate any jump cuts. Besides, cutting wide shots can be a helpful way to avoid those unnecessary jump cuts.

Vary Your Shots

Keeping your videos visually interesting should be your great focus. The audience’s attention span is declining. And you need to do everything possible to make them watch your video. Do not use the same shot in your entire video. Try to switch things up using more interesting angles. That makes your video more attractive to watch.

You can also use free online video editing tools to tweak your footage through attractive cuts. However, you should not use cuts every other second. The thumb rule is to make cuts depending on your music beat or pause when your subjects are speaking.

Do Not Forget Color Correction

After doing fine edits, you will be working with the footage you need. And that makes adding effects and other corrections quicker and faster. With a reliable video editor, you will stabilize shaky footage and correct video color.

When it comes to color correction, ensure calibrating your monitor or applying a well-calibrated professional monitor. Working with true colors or proper black levels will be suitable since it helps if your colorwork is accurate. You may use color curves for correcting brightness as well as black levels.

Once you have done a good job in color correction, move on to color grading. Through color grading, you can establish moods in your YouTube video. Or even differentiate various elements in your video. But ensure to be creative and consistent when doing color correction and grading.

Edit to Tell a Story

Every interesting video must tell the audience a story. And when editing, you should make sure your video results into a story. Keep the basics of storytelling in mind while editing. Your story should have a beginning, middle, and end. Otherwise, you will have a pool of random shots that lac anything to tie them together with no story.

Perfect Your Audio

Audio is key in any video as businesses need audio and video conferencing a lot of time. It helps to capture the attention of your audience instantly. However, you should begin perfecting audio after putting all your visual elements together in your video. Make sure you even your sound levels to promote volume consistency. While you can use your ears, do not trust them too much. You can do a good job with audio meters.

You should clean up unwanted sounds like stutters or breaths from your video. Using a good free online video editor, you can apply crossfades between sound clips to smoothen transitions between them.


Use the tips here and begin creating videos like a proficient editor. YouTube requires quality and engaging videos. And with the help of the steps mentioned above, you can produce the most competitive content for your channel and social media audit to check the effectiveness of your account. You do not have to make the whole process expensive. Take good footage and sign in with a free online video editor to work on your project.

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