Learn French in 30 days, Comprehensively online

There is always room to learn something new. People are always keen to learn new languages maybe out of interest, or perhaps it is their need. It is not easy to master a new language. For that fact, it is not easy to find a tutor who could help us. As the technology keeps on improving everyday people often hit search engines to find themselves an online tutor who will teach them. Today I will tell you different ways through which you can learn French online.  


Justlearn is like a needle in a haystack you all are looking for, Justlearn is an online platform where you can find french tutor online from any part of the world for not only French but any language you wish to learn. It provides one on one sessions with the student making them more comfortable during the sessions where they can talk about any difficulty they are facing. Contrary to some beliefs that it is costly to learn from native speakers justlearn gives you the opportunity to choose your tutors and along with that, you can set the number of lessons you need depending upon your grasping speed. Also, you can set the schedule for your lessons, depending on your availability. Justlearn provides everything at very affordable prices compare to anyone in such a field.   

Translation Apps  

Translation apps will always be of great help in the initial as well as the intermediate stage will learning a new language. Every time you speak any sentence in your native language translate those sentences in French or any language you are learning and listen to them it will help you in increase your vocabulary and will help you remember them more. Along with this while you listen to those translations, it will help improve your pronunciation and eventually you will adapt yourself with that language.   

Watch movies, series.  

It is one fun way to learn any new language. To get more familiar with the language, one of the effective ways is to watch movies. Every time you watch a movie, it becomes easy for your brain to register that moment and to understand the context more easily. The subtitles will help you understand the terms more clearly, and slowly it will increase your vocabulary and pronunciation. Watching French movies and series might also help you see and understand the French culture.   

Join Groups/Community  

Find French groups or a French community online where they speak and share content in French and join such groups. Talk with them, tell them you are learning French, ask them to help you. If you surround yourself with such groups, you will get to know how they talk with each other, their culture, etc. There will be a lot of words and phrases that you’ll often see and gradually get used to those. Surrounding yourself with such things is always crucial while learning a new language. 


The key element to learn anything is reading. Be it online or offline, and there are various medium from where you can start reading French. You might find it difficult, as well as tedious to read huge books and novels. The only solution to the problem is to start reading short blogs and articles of your interest in French, it will not only help you improve your vocabulary and pronunciation, but the articles will also keep you engaged as it is the topic of your interest. Takedown notes of the new words and phrases that you encounter and try using them in your day to day life. 

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