Kratom User Guide – Tips For New Users


Kratom, an organic extract from the plant Mitragyna speciosa, a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family. This extract is commonly found in powdered form because of a number of benefits like powder ingest and absorb easily and rapidly, fast tea preparation, easily administered and quick assimilation.

Kratom has been used as a medicinal herb in Southern Asia for thousands of years. In many countries including USA, kratom is legal but there are some countries, about 30 in number, where kratom status is illegal.

Kratom is getting much popularity day by day round the globe due to its beneficial health effects. A large number of people have been using it and enjoying its boosting and refreshing taste.

But, despite of having much information about it, it is somehow difficult for new users to start it without hesitation.

 So, here we are providing a comprehensive kratom user guide for new consumers.

 You must go through this research if you are going to start kratom for first time.

Let’s begin.

  1. Startup dose

Whenever to start a new substance, it’s necessary to start with a small amount. It is important to check the response of your body. For new user of kratom, it is important to check how your body reacts to kratom powder, so start up with a small dose. If you start with a higher amount, theres an increased chance that you will have more side effects.

  So we recommend:

  • Start with the half of the dose, from recommended dose
  • Take this for a few days before you try anything else
  • Gradually increase the amount to your recommended dose

For appropriate kratom dosage information, you can contact with American kratom Association, it is most reliable educational and legislative group regarding to kratom having authentic research on kratom.

New users should always avoid early high dasage. If you are dosing kratom your ownself, you can start with pre-dose kratom capsules. These capsules contain a pre-measured amount of kratom so that you don’t have to measure out loose kratom powder yourself.

  1. Knowing of kratom strain:

There is a large variety of kratom strains and products which create confusion in the new users mind. Furthermore, the presence of dosage forms also causes hesitation for new user.

But don’t worry, to remove these confusions we are providing you a complete guide which will teach you everything you need to know about these products and strains. Lets get start with it,

  1. 1: Red Vein Kratom: 

It is most common and popular kratom strain. It has leaves with red coloured stem. This variety of kratom is best selling and widely available in the market. Red strain in known as most soothing, relaxing and pain relieving substance.

That’s why it can be used as a supplement of pharmaceutical painkiller.

  1. 2: Green Vein Kratom:

 It is milder than red strain, acts as light energy booster that can cause refreshment. It is good in enhancing alertness and focus, to get in the “flow”. Green strain has mild and balanced functioning, so it can easily adjusted in the body, that’s why it is used against social fears.

  1. 3: White Vein Kratom:

This kratom strain is commonly used in the morning because of its energizing and refreshing properties. It is also effective as stimulant and positive mood enhancer. This strain also enhances the quality of life and tolerance level of the individual.

  1. 3: Choose Best Quality Product:̓ 

 It is most important to not compromise on quality of kratom product, particularly for new users. Generally for new thing, people start from the cheaper side, but we recommend you to not do this in the case of kratom. Choose a best quality kratom for your health and well-being. It is because cheaper products may have chemicals that would not suitable for your health.

  1. 4: Change It Up:

When you start kratom and take up for a few times, you might be feel good and refreshing.  It means that your body has become friendly with kratom and this strain has suited you. So now you can change your dose. But it is not necessary that kratom suits everyone or each strain suits every person.  So move on accordingly. The only limitation to what you can experience is your creativity. Don’t be bland, try changing it up.

  1. 4: Avoid Taking Kratom on an Empty Stomach:

As most of the medications are directed not to taken up an empty stomach, due to their probable side effects. Like this, kratom must also be avoided to be taken up an empty stomach, not only for new users but also for regular users.

If kratom is taken up an empty stomach, it can cause a number of symptoms relating to gastrointestinal tract, these include;

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Heart burn
  • GIT disturbance
  • Acid reflux
  • Mucosal wall irritation and burning
  1. 6: Don’t over do it:

When new user begin with kratom, they wanted to get effects like magic, they expect to get result very soon. Most of them start taking double dose or little more than prescribed.

It’s a big mistake, REMEMBER, every new substance, first take time in getting adjusted with users body, then it becomes part of users body and lastly it starts showing visible effects. Same is the scenario with kratom. 

So don’t over do with it, be consistent and have patience. If after a considerable time period, you will not find and visible effect, then increase your dose for positive effects. Be smart about your kratom dose and vary the amount so that your body will not get stuck relying on a specific amount of kratom.


In above discussion, you might have got all the answers of your confusing questions, but there is a lot regarding with kratom that you might have not been aware of. This is an amazing world of kratom with a lot to know about, which have been explained in this reading. It has removed many hesitations for new users, and now it can become the part of your joy and excitement. You may also interested in reading delta 8 thc, visit us.

People have different experience with kratom because of their internal body set ups and interaction of kratom according to these set ups. But an other important reason is that, people choose carefully their best suitable strain, serving amount, dosage form, administration method and time. Take experience with kratom and find your best one, but remember, it always take some time for new thing to show its all beneficial effects.

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