Juventus VsParma: Which Club Is Superior?

Juventus or parma, which one is your favorite football club? People who are crazy about footballs loves to watch the match between these two clubs. Juventus football club was also known as Juve, which is based in Turin, Piedmont. It is a professional association football club.

On the other hand, Parma Calcio is commonly referred to as Parma. It is an Italian football club which is based in Parma, Emilia Romagna. Both clubs are quite good but which is better? As we all have heard about Cristiano Ronaldo, he has to die heart fans all over the world. And he is one of the extraordinary football players in the world. His technique of playing football is quite expensive.

The other players of the club are also quite impressive, whereas Parma has Roberto Inglese, who is also quite an exceptional football player.

Which Team Wins More Often?

As we talked above that both football clubs are quite good, but one has to lose to the other. So whenever a match takes place between these two clubs which club wins more often? Let’s talk about a recent game that took place between these two teams on 24 Aug 2019. Juventus club won that match by doing 1 goal against Parma.

Over the last few years, whenever fans came to see the match between these two clubs, most of the time, the winning team was Juventus. Parma clubs also won few games, but Juventus was the winner club more often.

Which Club Is Better Worldwide?

If we check the charts on comparing all the Italian clubs results so far, Juventus stands on number 1. However, Parma is on number 7. This is the rating we got on Serie A charts. The predictions we are getting for the next winner, between the match of these football clubs, go in the Juventus clubs favor.

There are 78% chances that Juventus is going to win this match, 15% is that this match is going to draw. The 7% is in favor of the Parma club. People love to watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s game, and whenever he plays, there are very fewer chances that the other team wins.

Most of the time, Juventus clubs win over the other club, which happened recently when a match took place between this club and Roma. Juventus club did 1 goal while the other club did nothing. This match is going to take place on 20 Jan 2020. And fans are going crazy to watch their favorite players against each other.  

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Performance of Both Clubs in H2H:

If we check the chart of the performance of both these football clubs in H2H, here are results:

Juventus Football Club:

Parma Football Club:

  • Parma club is in the 8th position.
  • Parma is 50% in form.
  • Parma has a bit low rating, and it has a 1.33 average goal rating per match.  

The Final Words:

Juventus club was established on 1 November 1897, and at that time, it was called Sport-club Juventus. Parma was established in 1913. So Juventus football club is a bit older then Parma.

Both teams have got the best players, but according to the current statistic of the performance of both these teams, the Juventus club’s football game is getting stronger.

The next match between these two clubs is going to take place on 20 January 2020. We already have the predictions about the game but who knows what is going to happen on the day of the game.

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