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January-the big month with the most spike in divorce filings ?

January has often been reserved for leaving bad habits behind and making new resolutions. But it is also seen that most couples wait until January right after the holiday season to end their marriage. Due to the popularity of marriage breakups in the legal circle, most people have also suggested this month be nicknamed “divorce month.” 

Attorney Laura Wasser thinks that January has rightfully earned its reputation, which is why she strategically chose the month of January while launching her website “It’s over easy,” which works as an online server for those who’re seeking their divorces.

 In their divorces, this lawyer has served big celebrities like Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and Ashton Kutcher and says, “It is true that the first half, of the first month of the year, is the highest for divorce filings or new clients.” 

she also adds that “the first week after the holiday is the busiest.”

A “Google trends” research on divorce held last year showed the peak of divorces from January 6 to January 12. According to Swasti Sarna, the Pinterest insights manager queries for “divorce parties” rose on an average of 21% from December to January 2017 and the years following. 

A 2016 study on divorces from 2001-15 conducted at the University of Washington concluded that the peak month for divorces was January. Most divorces throughout the year were recorded in this month, right after the Christmas holidays. 

Julie Brines, the co-author of this study and a sociology associate professor, said, “Despite the disappointments faced by the people in their past years, people still tend to spend their holidays with rising expectations.” At another place, she added, “It is common for divorce filers to follow a more or less similar seasonal pattern for their divorce filings.”

However, it is worth noting that there were an 8% lesser number of divorces annulments in 2017 compared to 2007. It was showing a decline in the number of marriages and divorces, according to the CDC. In 2017 the number of divorces decreased to 2.9 per 1000 compared to 4.0 in 1000 in 2007.

As per California divorce papers preparation company, traveling and spending lots of time with family can be a stressor for the holiday season, ultimately leading to a broken marriage. She also adds, “by the end of a holiday period with family, most people claim never to want to spend their holiday season with the same person again.” 

Lack of romance and many family responsibilities can be two red flags for most people to feel unhappy. Ms. Myers said, “Too much family time can be a trigger warning for most people alarming them that this is not what they want for the rest of their lives.” He also thinks that most people opt for divorce as most of their expectations are not met.

Busy Philips almost divorced her husband as he wasn’t helping her with the kids.

Sara Palin’s husband wants a split as he thinks they are incompatible.

Attorney also states that the desire to spend their life in a new way, with changes and improvements, makes people want to quit their marriage. She believes that most people have January as their divorce month by their six-month waiting period. According to Good Looking Moms a lifestyle magazine for women, “Most people wish to give their life a head start in the summer, so they make sure they’re done with their divorces within the first six months of the new year.” 

Attorney also believes that most clients want to save one last family holiday to save themselves from the awkwardness of declaring, “Listen, your mother and I are giving our marriage a split” on their Thanksgiving dinner or any of the events coming up.

Divorce has its effect on different people 

“I was crushed” When Shawn king heard about “Larry king” reporting for a divorce.

Miranda Lambert created her new album “wildcard” as a therapy to recover from her divorce.

“Breaking bonds: How to divorce an abuser and heal- A survival guide’s author Rosemary Lombardy stated that wanting to keep her children joyous and celebrate their holidays was one reason for not ending her abusive marriage. She added, “I tried all I can to make my children enjoy their holidays, making me think about splitting my marriage for years.” 

She further said, “I think this is what stops most women from filing their divorce even when they’ve made their minds, as they want their children to have that one last Thanksgiving.” 

“The thought of protecting my children and not taking away their shelter to what they call their home- You want them to enjoy their holidays make memories, and not feel embarrassed about their parent’s separation.” 

Most people complement divorce and think it’s a way to get away with everything, but Wasser underlines the importance of knowledge and kindness. She further adds that divorce is not going to be as easy as you think.

In an interview, she stated that “Divorce is a scary process, the people around you and you are well research regarding it will make it a bit easier for you.” Doing a bit of research before filing for a divorce will make the entire process less intimidating for you. “You want to make sure that you go through it in a way that it doesn’t affect your mental health or doesn’t create a deep hole in your pocket.” 

Don’t neglect your feelings- negative thoughts and feelings can cloud your process of judgment. A little therapy will help you make better decisions. Prioritize your ideas and choose what’s best for you, your future, your CHILDREN. The more knowledge and help you seek regarding this process, the less stressful it will be for you and your family.

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