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Is Your Site’s SEO Outdated?

Search engine optimization is fundamental in every digital marketing sphere, but there are many blogs and websites currently being run with outdated practices. Google’s search algorithm changes the way the engine analyzes and ranks content, so if your current SEO isn’t up to date, it could actually be harming your visibility rather than boosting your position on the results page. Ask yourself these questions as you explore your site.

Have I Updated the Content in the Last Year?

Any content that hasn’t been revisited in the last year could have poor keywords, broken backlinks or outdated sources. If you also have any links that are either paid or from low-ranking sites, Google will penalize your site for poor SEO practices. Organic is not just the best way to do SEO, it’s the only way to avoid being flagged in search engines as spam or low-brow content. You should revisit all your web pages and blog posts at least once a year to ensure their keywords are not too broad or narrow and that all inbound and outbound links meet current standards.

Involved in Keyword Stuffing?

Keywords are no longer the most important factor in SEO. In previous algorithms, Google linked relevance with prevalence of keywords, but that led to a high volume of sites using blackhat SEO practices to rank higher than their content merited. Now, the algorithm is smart enough to know when content actually provides value and when it’s just trying desperately to be noticed due to a high volume of keywords. The best keyword density in 2020 is 1 to 2 percent of the entire piece. This means a 1,000-word article should have a primary keyword mentioned no greater than 10 times. Opt for alternative phrasing when you are unable to avoid mentioning a specific phrase. This can actually pay off more in the long run because it allows you to incorporate additional phrases people may use to search for your content online.

Is My SEO Knowledge Dated?

It’s possible you learned about SEO a few years ago, and you haven’t read much about it since. That’s okay. There are plenty of websites out there that can get you caught up. You could also consider hiring a freelancer SEO expert who knows exactly what to do to bring your site to current standards. Professionals have the skills, experience and time to fully commit themselves to optimizing your web pages and content. They’ll work with you to find the top-ranking keywords and revise any outdated pieces that might be affecting your ranking

Is My Content Offering Enough Value?

Thin content refers to any published material that offers little to no value to the reader. These pages include affiliate links, sponsored posts that are entirely promotional and pages that only serve to link to another. You can’t trick your audience or Google into believing there’s value where there is none. If you have already received a thin content penalty from Google webmaster, then it’s time to reevaluate, revise and even delete sources that do not provide anything to consumers. This guide will help you fix thin content and produce higher quality pieces that reflect the true essence of your business.

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