Is Your Makeup Good For Your Face?

The cosmetic field is a billion-dollar industry for a reason. There is a desire for people to pick and choose the way they would like their face to look and be able to add some youthful glow and glamour for special occasions. With that said, the idea of needing to use makeup, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and highlighter every day is not an opinion that is shared by everywhere in the world. 

An influx of people is freeing themselves up from constant makeup application and relying on the all-natural look. 

Whether you are going without makeup for a temporary time or you are just giving the idea some thought, for now, learn more about exactly what you are putting on your skin. To protect your skin when wearing makeup, you would be wise to utilize the benefits of CBD products that you can use to cleanse your face. 

How Makeup Treats Your Skin

No matter which type of celebrity-endorsed makeup you proudly purchase, all forms of makeup sit directly on the top of your skin and clog up the pores of your skin.

There is such a thing as cheaper types of makeups made with toxic chemicals that can cause your skin to have breakouts and inflammation. But even premium pricy makeups can lead to blackheads, clogged pores, whiteheads, and redness to occur. 

As time goes by, frequently wearing makeup can also lead to dry skin, an increase in skin aging and pore size, eye infections, and allergic reactions. Dermatologists have stated that wearing makeup can lead to increased sun-damaged skin. With all of the downsides of wearing makeup, let’s end this off on a positive note by addressing the upsides of going makeup-free every now and then. 

Going Makeup-free 

With the problems that wearing too much makeup can cause, the freeing feeling of going off of makeup is equivalent to stepping away from hair straightener products that can damage your hair in the long-term.

Give your skin cells a chance to breathe and renew themselves, along with lines and wrinkles not as visible, breakouts disappearing, and even oily skin glowing again in a healthy manner.

Save Money 

If the average woman shells out about $15,000 on purchasing over her lifetime, imagine how much of that money could be saved, especially by not getting the higher-priced items like mascara and eyeshadow.

Saving Time 

Money is not the only thing you could save by slowing down on buying makeup. Think about how much time you spend every day when you have to take time out of your hectic schedule to apply makeup? 

It isn’t unheard of for women to spend 20 minutes or more getting their makeup on at a rock star level, and then the time on top of that during the course of the day when their makeup has to be touched up a bit when it smears. What would you be able to do with all of those extra hours every week?


The majority of makeup is sold to customers in plastic containers that are also surrounded by plastic, cardboard, or paper packaging. If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the environment, look no further than the amount of waste that we won’t be creating by not buying makeup. 


Finally, many kinds of makeup are manufactured using animal testing. Unfortunately, there happens to be hundreds of thousands of animals used every year to test out new makeup products throughout the cosmetic industry. 

Even though there is an increasing number of makeup companies that have made the decision to go vegan, the only way to be sure totally that you aren’t contributing to this if animal testing bothers you is by going makeup-free.

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