Is Pacific Union forex regulated?

Is the Pacific Union governed? They are governed by the Seychelles Financial Services Act, however, I’m not sure if this is a legitimate regulation. I’m just looking for more confirmation from you.

Pacific Union is a broker based in the United States. We do not advise investors to deal with offshore brokers, including those situated in the Maldives. The idea is that Seychelles makes establishing a finance or trading firm simple, with a short list of requirements, minimal budgets, and, most importantly, no tight oversight of the brokers’ operations or background. As a result, offshore zones attract a slew of unethical or dishonest brokerages looking to entice clients, take all their money, and vanish. You can look through our list of Regulated Dealers and pick one that best suits your needs.

Liquidity at the Top

Top financial organizations such as HSBC, UBS, JP Morgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs have partnered with us. Our great partners can assure us that we supply the highest quality interbank liquidity to our clients.

Client funds are kept safe.

Your funds are maintained in a trustee-managed, regulated, separate client account. This assures that your money does not fall into the hands of PU Peak form.

Your funds are never mixed with those of PU Prime. At the AA level bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, or Westpac Banking Corporation, we have separate bank accounts. We make it a point to distribute client funds between multiple institutions.

In the extraordinary occurrence that PU Prime goes bankrupt, your money is secured from creditors. Your cash is not used by PU Prime for any business purposes, including offsetting trades with other parties. What is social trading: it’s trading by taking advantage of social media platforms and communications.

Customer Service Pacific Union offers the following customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, plus on Sunday GMT+3 04:00-13:00:

Chat in real-time

Form for contacting us online

Address finder on a global scale


The free trade zone and gateway access at Pacific Union are password controlled. An SSL certificate encrypts all personal data sent between client devices and platform services. Secure login features, industry-standard data privacy, and dual-factor verification are all included in the MT4 and MT5 trading interfaces.

Taking money out

Because your funds just aren’t safe with an unregulated broker, you should request a refund as soon as possible. And this is when things become a little complicated. They will postpone the withdrawal process for months if you wish to take your cash, regardless of whether you have profits or not. You won’t be able to submit a chargeback if they prolong it for six months, and your money would be lost forever. You will not get your money back, no matter how many times you tell them or insist on removing it. And if you signed the Managed Account Contract, or MAA, which permits them to do whatever they want with your cash, they’ll lose it all, so there won’t be something to request. Do you know what is social trading? Click to visit.

How can you reclaim your funds?

If you’ve already placed cash with them and they refuse to return it, which is highly likely, don’t despair; there may be a technique or two to get your funds refunded.

To begin, preserve the emails as proof that you requested the funds refunded from them but that they either did not deliver them to you or that they stalled the procedure for too long with the goal of not getting a refund of your money.

The very first thing you should do is refund! This is something you should do right now! Explain to your bank or card provider how you were duped into depositing money with an unlicensed trading organization, and they will refuse to refund your money.

This is the simplest approach to getting your investment refunded, but it is also the most unpleasant for them. Because a significant number of chargebacks may jeopardize their relationship with payment services. If you’ve never done something like this before and aren’t sure where to begin or how to present your case to your bank or card provider,

How can you reclaim your funds?

If you’ve already placed money with all of them and they refuse to return it, which is most likely, don’t despair; there may be a way or two to get your funds refunded.

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