Is it Safe to Use Benzoyl Peroxide Wash When Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, you have to be sure that the usual products you consume and apply to your body are safe for you, as well as your baby. One particular product that often gets asked about in this regard is benzoyl peroxide wash – something that’s used to control acne. 

Huge hormonal changes during pregnancy can exacerbate issues like acne, so it’s quite usual for the question to arise, so here we try and provide some clarity on the subject.

It’s Usually Safe, But With a Caveat

The good news is that usually, it’s safe to use benzoyl peroxide wash to keep your acne under control, even if you’re pregnant. The same applies to those who are breastfeeding, however, it’s not advisable if you’re trying to treat chest acne, as this is where babies naturally lay their heads when being held.

Every effort needs to be made to ensure that none of the product comes into contact with your baby at any point. So, it’s important to practice regular, proper hand-washing to prevent cross-contamination. 

If you’re in any way unsure, we’d recommend talking to your doctor before using anything while pregnant or breastfeeding, as it just doesn’t pay to take chances with this kind of thing. 

Other Things You Should Know About Benzoyl Peroxide Wash

When you’re sure that benzoyl peroxide products are safe to use for your own personal needs, they should be applied 1-2 times each day. One of the side effects that’s most commonly experienced with this kind of treatment is irritation of the skin. So, if you experience this, you should tone down the amount you use, to see if it helps.

As useful and effective as it is, benzoyl peroxide is not ideal for everyone, with the following issues usually preventing a person from enjoying its benefits:

  • Anyone who has an allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide or similar products
  • Anyone with broken or damaged skin
  • Those with severe acne that features large nodules under the skin (in this instance, it’s best that you contact your doctor, as specialist treatment will be needed to prevent scarring)

You also have to remember that benzoyl peroxide has the power to bleach fabrics and hair, so you have to be careful about what it touches. When using it, it’s recommended that you don’t wear clothes you don’t want to damage, as well as bedding and towels. Try to shield your hairline too, for the same reasons.

Use With Confidence, But Always Get Expert Help Needed

As a user of benzoyl peroxide wash, it’s normally fine to follow the advice you get from the manufacturer themselves or from medical professionals. In this case, the makers of the wash say it’s safe.

All the facts point toward it being completely ok for pregnant ladies to use it on a regular basis, but it’s your baby that’s affected at the end of the day, so if you need to get the reassurance of a doctor, don’t be afraid to seek assistance. 

It’s just better to be safe than sorry.

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