Is It Possible To Monetize Your Twitch Channel?

Twitch is the biggest streaming platform that allows gamers to access live streaming video games on their preferred streamers’ channels. It is also open to anyone who wants to grab lifestyle broadcasts and cast their content to the world. Streamers showcase creative gaming skills to their gamers interested in improving their performance. They play unique games and post quality content to get Twitch views on their channels.

Twitch allows streamers to monetize their channels by earning income from donations, subscriptions, ads revenue, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, etc. As streamers gain more followers and viewers, they unlock more money-making opportunities in video game streaming in Twitch. Brands monitor influencers’ growth and content when they need to choose channels with a similar audience for product promotion.

Below are some possible ways to monetize your Twitch Channel as a streamer:

  1. Provide Monthly Subscriptions Options To Your Followers

Solid and enthusiastic fans can subscribe to your channel to get notifications alerts every time you stream new games on their channels. Twitch allows for followers monetary support such different subscriptions tiers provided. Subscribers are given the privilege of getting special emoji and alerts; they can view freely without ads popping up, classic chatrooms, etc. True fans are always willing to pay a subscription fee to appreciate your content and games. Subscriptions are the best way to earn money on Twitch for streamers in affiliate programs and new streamers. The income is split 50/50 between Twitch and the streamer. 

  1. Allow Video Ads During your Live Streams

You can also earn from the ads popping or running on-screen during your live streams and broadcasts. As your followers and viewers increase, Twitch increases their ads share, increasing your total income. You can buy more followers and viewers to get more ads to share. Twitch allows live streams to take breaks and display every single picture of the ads, so viewers don’t miss out on the gameplay actions due to pop-up ads disruptions. This way, advertisers, viewers, affiliate streamers, and Twitch benefit comfortably. Streamers can disable pre-roll advertisements videos that play before every stream for a defined time frame. 

  1. Join Affiliate And Partner Programs

Twitch sends an invite to any streamer who consistently produces content. Twitch Affiliates programs allow streamers with atleast 50 followers to earn from accumulated Bits. This is income from the subscribers and support from your gamers. You should have an average of three views per Livestream, and atleast seven different content broadcasts to qualify for Affiliate programs and start earning from Bits income. You can make a lot of money if your channel is popular, i.e., have many active and solid followers and viewers who look forward to receiving your content or gameplays on a regular schedule. 

  1. Accept Brand Sponsorship Programs

Brands can use your streaming channel for advertising their products if they have a similar target audience. The company can sponsor a Livestream event to pay the influencer to market their brand to the viewers. In most cases, such companies choose streamers with a considerable number of followers and viewers to get to a great audience. The best example is a streamer wearing a branded t-shirt or hoodie to promote the brand. Being chosen by a brand needs hard work because they monitor your progress as a streamer before sponsorship. You need to do many Livestreams to be considered best to market a brand. 

  1. Accept Donations From Your Enthusiastic Followers

Donations may seem an unsure way to earn income, but it’s possible to become a millionaire with just donations. Think of how much you can earn if you have 1million  active and solid followers who decide to donate $1 per day in a month. You will be a millionaire in one month or less. However, donations can not be used as the primary source of income for streamers because only a few followers will accept to make donations. 


Twitch is free for all interested users. Equal opportunities are given to every streamer and broadcaster displaying their content to their target audience. You can have fun by playing favorite video games, showcasing your talent, and earning simultaneously. The more you become famous and consistent, the more you earn. 

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