Is every porcelain crown strong?


Marveling the natural colour of porcelain crowns? They grant the best coverage to the damaged tooth. The cavity infested region is removed to prepare the tooth for the crown seating. The porcelain crown size is selected by the dentist and tried on to get the dimensions right. Then the dental cement is filled into it and the crown is seated on the site. The excess cement is taken care of. Viola! The capping is successfully accomplished to get the full set of teeth with no glitches of tooth decay.

The porcelain crowns are much stronger than the natural tooth. Its crowns do not react much to its surrounding elements in the oral cavity. These stay on for a decade if taken care of and then you get the option to either get it uninstalled or substitute it with a new one. Porcelain tooth crowns are thus the most suitable and viable option to consider when it comes to the front tooth and the premolars. These teeth do not involve too much in clenching tensions. Sometimes, the porcelain layer is inlaid with thin metal layer to make them extra strong.

Stronger Grades of full Porcelain Crown

It is essential to understand that porcelain caps are better suited for the front tooth and at most the premolars. The porcelain crown molar caps are not that preferred citing the molar function of gnawing at nutriments. The opposite tooth and porcelain molar cap might witness cracks and chippings. So here is a list of porcelain crown types to consider that fall between $30-$3000 per specimen.

  1. Monolithic Porcelain Crowns
  2. Layered Porcelain Crowns
  3. Veneered porcelain crowns
  4. Pressed Porcelain Crowns
  5. Stainless steel fused or metal fused (nickel and chromium) porcelain crowns

The strength of porcelain dental crowns depends on its structure in the making, as well as other materials it encases such as metals to have that ultimate grip coupled with natural appearance. The strength and durability of these crowns increases from being composed of solely one material to its partnership with metals, resins and so on. The times have changed from relying completely on metal based crowns and dental pulps filled and shaped like tooth. The latter erodes and changes colour with time to look pathetically artificial. 

If the teeth are not strong by nature, then the dental bridge helps to rectify their alignment and structure. If they are strong instead but need a smile correction, even lined, whiter teeth then, the veneered porcelain crowns are the perfect match. It is similar to what women do with their fingernails. They attach artificial, painted nails, to look fabulous. Likewise the veneered porcelain crown covers the front portion of the teeth, while at the back the real tooth stays. It is like a partial cap or shield to grant that dramatically glamorous whiter smile. Thus it depends on the health, shape and structure of the tooth to determine which porcelain crown stands the best chance of serving the purpose: protection and good looks. The porcelain used in dental crowns are stronger than the usual ones available to make different articles for daily use.

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