Is Bitcoin the Next Big Thing or Not?

Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital currency. The usage of BTC is the same as traditional currencies, but its working is more efficient than traditional currencies. There is no central banking system, governmental authority, or company that can control it. So we can say that it is the best alternative option for corrupt financial institutions. You don’t need the support of any bank as with it, you can be your own bank.  You can also gain knowledge from the bitcoin revolution.

Bitcoin’s Wallet

First of all, you need a Bitcoin wallet. The BTC wallet is set for its transactions. We can say that the bitcoin wallet is a platform on which you have to store your BTCs. After storing them in a wallet, you can use them for buying and selling purposes. You can contact other users and can make a deal for buying and selling them and there is no need for a third party in the deal. You can use many BTCs exchange sites for their transactions. Their transactions through this site are efficient but you have to keep in mind that bitcoin transactions through online sites are very costly due to their volatile prices.

Bitcoin’s Progress

If we do statistical analysis on its progress, since its creation, then we can say that it has achieved a remarkable landmark in its progress. But still, there are a few landmarks that it has to achieve. It is popular all over the world and a few well-known companies have started accepting BTC, but these companies are less in numbers. So we can say that it still needs progress to become the largest transaction system in the world.

Things Needed to become Largest Transaction System in the World

In order to become the largest transaction system in the world, it has to include many well-known fields in it such as eCommerce websites, firms, and much more. Bitcoin has to face some issues due to fluctuations in its price rates. So it will not be a smart idea to do a short-term investment in it. 

There is much time required for bitcoin to become the most trusted currency for the public. Where it is becoming the main reason behind the success of many people, it is also costing huge losses to many people who want safe investments.  

BTC was created in 2009, but it got its value by the end of the last decade. So we can say that bitcoin has covered a slow growth rate. But now there is a lot of bitcoin awareness and expert foundations are working all over the world and now it is gaining fast growth as a large number of investors, media, and merchants are switching their ways of trading in it. It has progressed well but still, there are lots of things needed for bitcoin to become the largest and most reliable currency in the world. There are lots of new technologies that have also taken part in bitcoin’s progress.

Bitcoin Transaction for Merchants

Bitcoin is now becoming one of the best ways of transaction for many people living in the world. It is a decentralized virtual form of currency that can be traded from one place to another without the requirement of third parties such as central banks, government authorities, etc. As I mentioned above BTC is an alternative option for a corrupt financial system, as it is more efficient than traditional currencies and cannot be controlled by a single institution, banks, or any single administrator.

At the start of bitcoin, there were only a few users of it and people thought that there was no scope for investing in bitcoin. But with the passage of time and by the end of 2020, it has got the value that it deserves.

Now it is attracting many investors from all over the world. The major reason behind this attraction is low transaction fees. As we all know, whenever we have made transactions internationally, we have to pay more than 5% extra transaction fees over each transaction, while its transaction fees are almost free for its users, as it charges only a 0.1% fee over each transaction. So we can say that its transaction is acting as a money savior for its investors.


There is no doubt that the future will rely on bitcoin. There are flaws in bitcoin transactions, but for sure bitcoin will come over these issues sooner or later.

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