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Natalie Dormer is a well renowned actress in Hollywood who is best known for her roles in films and TV shows like “The Tudors”, “Young Vic” and “Game of Thrones”. Having been active in the industry since 2005,she has made a name for herself with her brilliant acting and charm. From shaving half of her head for a role to weilding a speed she has done it and you will know more about her by the end of this list. Check It out:  How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

  1. She’s from Norwegian and Welsh heritage.

Natalie Dormer was born to parents Claire Richards and Gary Dormer on the day of February 11 of 1982 in Reading which is located in Berkshire, England. She has Norwegian and Welsh ancestry.

  1. A bright kid from the get go.

She studied at Reading Blue Coat School. She was a well rounded student. She was academically excellent and with it she was also involved in extracurricular activities. She was the top student in her class. She was also the head girl. Apart from this, she also played netball and was the vice captain. She was an integral part of the school’s public speaking team too. She was an excellent dancer and trained at Allenova School of Dancing.

  1. She has two siblings.

Natalie Dormer has two siblings. She has a brother named Mark and a sister named Samantha.

  1. She was bullied in school. 

She was a victim of bullying while in school. She was often bullied but she never quite figured out why she was being bullied.

  1. Almost made it to University of Cambridge.

She was offered to study history at the University provisionally. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it as she was unable to secure an A-grade in her A-levels history exam. This was due to her reading a question wrong and answering it likewise.

  1. Professional acting debut. 

After not making it to University of Cambridge, she got enrolled into Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. After completing her degree, she made her acting debut in 2003 with acting in the play “The Comedy of Errors”. She made her film debut in 2005 with the film “Casanova”.

  1. No work for almost a year.

After “Casanova”, she didn’t get any acting role for ten months straight. She considers this to be the best lesson she had in life. During this time, she worked as a waiter and also data entry.

  1. Her love for poker.

Natalie Dormer loves to play poker. She said that she plays on the basis of her instincts as she doesn’t have the brain to rely on probability like mathematicians.

  1. Absence from social media.

Natalie Dormer isn’t active on any social media platforms as of January of 2021. She likes to keep her personal life private and away from the eyes of the media. The photo leak incident that happened with Jennifer Lawrence shaped her views on social media and she decided to stay away from it. This form of invasion of privacy is intolerable to her and thus she opts to stay away from the social media scene. She also doesn’t want to be misquoted.

  1. She has a lopsided mouth

Most people think Natalie’s smile is a smirk. It however isn’t and she has an asymmetric mouth. It is a trait that runs in the family and her sister has it too.

  1. Feminism and not being comfortable with nudity.

Natalieis a feminist and she is a vocal advocate of equal rights for men and women. She is a supporter of liberation and equality. She is not comfortable with nude scenes and she doesn’t do roles that involve. She does this because she doesn’t want to be misinterpreted and she wants to be remembered for her acting skills instead of just her body.

  1. How tall is she?

Natalie Dormer stands 1.68 meters tall and weighs approximately 60 kg. As of January of 2021, she is 38 years old.

  1. She based her GOT character on Michelle Obama.

In Game of Thrones, she portrayed the role of Margaery Tyrell. She based the character on Michelle Obama and also Kate Middleton.

  1. She shaved her head for her role in “Mockingjay”.

Dormer shaved half of her head for her role of Cressida in the film. In the behind the scenes video of the film, we can see her head being shaved. In the video she could be seen smiling too.

  1. A millionaire with a heart.

Natalie Dormer has made tons of cash working in films and TV shows. Her  net worth is estimated to be around US$ 8 million as of January of 2021. She is involved in various charities and is an advocate of women rights. She gave a powerful speech on World Humanitarian Day in 2016 and the following year, went to Tanzania to put a stop to child marriage. Apart from this, she has done much more in support of the causes she believes in.

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