Impediments in the Transport Sector

The transport sector is grappling with a lot of issues that have arisen due to the recent COVID 19 outbreak across the globe. This pandemic has had several global consequences and the transport sector is no different. Besides, the usual inefficiencies in operation such as truck breakdown, delays, etc it has to be extra careful to ensure that the truck drivers follow all norms to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Regular sanitization of the drivers as well as the vehicle needs to be done so that the transport of goods does not accelerate the spread of disease.

Mentioned below are some of the impediments that the transport sector has to deal in current times:

  1. Lack of manpower– Due to fear of the disease a lot of people have left work and have gone back to their hometowns as they fear that they might get into a problem due to the nature of their job. A kind of fear psychosis has developed and this has led to a sharp decline in available manpower. With a lesser number of drivers and helper staff to assist the transport sector is facing several operational inefficiencies. No business can run without the presence of manpower and this holds true to the transport sector as well.
  2. Restrictions in the interstate travel– There are several restrictions imposed in the transport of goods. Only essential items and medical supplies can be transported easily and that also with requisite permissions. For other things such as raw material, household items, décor items, furniture, etc, transport companies have to abide by the rules of the state. Areas that have been sealed and no movement of the trucks etc is allowed.
  3. Rising fuel Prices– There has been a rise in diesel and petrol prices and this has come as a jolt to transporters who have been already finding it tough to sustain their business. There has been a fall in demand due to restriction in movement and Pan India lockdown and on top of it rise in fuel prices is making the business hard hit. Small players in the industry have already shut down operations while big players are looking for alternate ways to ensure that work is being carried out.
  4. Safety Issues- Safety is a big issue in the transport sector,  but with the spread of disease, it has become a bigger cause of concern. If anything happens to the driver or his helper the onus comes on the trucking company. Also, as roads are deserted, there have been cases of over speeding. This can lead to accidents and unnecessary breakdown.

So, these are some of the problems that the transporter in Delhi is facing. It is vital to evolve with change in the business scenario and intelligent players are trying to adopt all vital changes so that business moves on effortlessly and smoothly.  Other problems have cropped up but issues such as traffic congestion and parking problems have reduced drastically. This situation that has cropped up will surely go away and things will slowly normalize.

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