If Looks Can Kill: 6 Cute Animals That Are Actually Dangerous

Certainly, there are some animals you want to get the fluffiest hugs from. You can’t resist it—these cuties just look adorable! They might exactly be the reasons you think of becoming a wildlife volunteer. However, some of these lovelies turn out to be the most dangerous animals on the planet! So, before you run off and give them a big hug (if you get the chance), you might as well read this list of the cutest but most dangerous animals on earth. Do not say we didn’t warn you!

Polar bears

With their fluffy fur that is as white as snow, you might think you can snuggle with polar bears and share with them a cup of hot chocolate. Not to mention, they look oh, so chubby! However, no matter how beautiful they look, they would not think twice and attack you once they see you as a threat. They have strong paws that can cut you into pieces. These paws and their chubby, fluffy appearance allow them to adapt well to the harsh, freezing environment in the Arctic Ocean. They might be dangerous carnivores, but there are lots of interesting polar bear facts that you might want to check out.


Their ape-y company can give you an entire Tarzan moment. They are adorable and social. They are also said to be intelligent. Some people even think of having them as pets! Their cuteness and their wits can deceive, though. Turns out, chimpanzees can be very destructive. You could not handle them when they become aggressive as an adult chimpanzee is five times stronger than an adult human. They can also bite you and give you very serious injuries.


Swans give you a sense of grace, beauty, and serenity. Our impressions of them are always that of being pure, lovely, and gentle as they calmly drift on the water. However, we all know how creatures act up when they feel threatened. Swans can be dangerous to humans once they feel like their lives are in danger, especially when it is to protect their young. They have powerful wings that can reach you and even try to drown you in the water. Their bites can also cause severe injuries.


Ostriches may look like a gentle giant. They are known to be the biggest birds that we have now. These birds, however, can not fly which probably made them look a little less menacing. Them being the gentle giants in the bird family might be one of many misconceptions because they are also quite dangerous. Their legs being able to run about 73 kilometers per hour might already be the testament as to how their kicks can give their predators deadly blows. They are said to be capable of killing lions and other predators. They can even scare the life out of you because even if you run, they could surely catch up!

Slow lorises

Slow lorises are one of the rarest primates in the world. They have large eyes that certainly give off their cutesy image. As their name implies, they also move at such a slow pace yet, have such strong hands that allow them to have an excellent grip. They seem harmless. So, what is the catch? These slow lorises are the only primate on earth that is poisonous. They have glands at the sides of their elbows that release toxic fluid that smells foul. When they lick it, the poison in their saliva would still be just as potent once they bite their predators.


Raccoons have this sad, imploring face that is impossible to resist. Aside from their dreamy-looking eyes, you would also be mesmerized by the dark mask that covers their face. Since they do not look so gigantic and strong, why would anyone deem these cute little ones as dangerous, right? The answer lies with the things they bring with them. Raccoons are known to be carriers of rabies and roundworms. Although it is rare for raccoons to attack humans, they can be a big inconvenience by how they can destroy your household. They can turn your house upside down in search of food and even attack your precious pets!

In A Nutshell 

Not all species are as harmless as they look. They may look meek and gentle, but given the harsh way nature works, they would also need qualities that would protect them or allow them to survive. Yes, they look cute and adorable, but let the list above give you an idea, if not a warning before going after them and dote on them. They may even think you are a predator! Let awareness and knowledge allow us to coexist as naturally and as orderly with these amazing creatures!

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