Huawei the most suited watch of 2021

Welcome to another blog post, if getting replacement bands are your thing you might want to buy watch of huawei since the style of the included band is why I did enough to join up with lugs and any other band that doesn’t might look a little bit strange. The watch is ip68 dust and water resistance certified meaning it can with some things such as sweat showers and the rain although I wouldn’t take it in the pool with you as to why we won’t fix any damages and it isn’t designed to be submerged for long periods of time.


You’ll find Google’s latest Smartwatch operating system where OS on this watch previously known as Android wear OS works on iPhones and Android phones and it’s full of custom watch faces and useful services the App Store is now integrated into the watch as well as a new darker theme for OLED displays and customizable interactive modules on the watch faces the Google cool complications the UI is smooth and snappy. You must buy watch and enjoy with the fastest Snapdragon.

Health Apps

A comfortable 716 megabytes of RAM which is more than most other wear OS watches out right now hardware really isn’t an issue so that’s what gets top marks with speed for a fitness tracker. There’s no surprise that this watch is really good now so all the bells and whistles like a continuous heart rate monitor a barometer a pedometer and GPS bar we have included their own fitness services on the watch with apps to measure your heart rate check your daily activity and track your workout they work smoothly and the workout app that has a wide range of activities to track the par we app to tie into the companion app available on the phone and although google fit is also installed on the watch.

GPS & Battery life

I prefer to buy watch because of the workout display and the accuracy of flyways needs fitness features Maori health google fit and Strava all take advantage of the built-in GPS just fine but while we workout insists on using the watch’s GPS unlike google fit which we use the phone’s GPS.

This is a huge feature for me and the other reason to buy watch is one that a lot of evenly priced and cheaper smart we just don’t have I feel if you’re spending a lot on a Smartwatchyou should definitely get it is rather annoying however that you need to set a screen lock if you want to set up payments which is very cumbersome to unlock on the small screen also if you like to wear your watch very loosely the watch thinks you’ve taken it off so you have to unlock it every time you look at it. Battery life is outstanding on this watch with the 420 milliamp hours lasting a whole day easily and even two days with the always-on display disabled it has a battery saving mode too as well.

 as a watch only mode which to say was everything but the clock I’m a step counter meaning it will last several days or even weeks.

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