How Will a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Assist You in NJ

There are close to 3,782,730 employees in New Jersey, according to State Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics reports of the state. Since the city is home to several prominent US employers, it has strict laws to protect the rights of workers. In New Jersey, employers are responsible for the safety of their employees. 

If an employee sustains a workplace injury, the employer must compensate the employee’s medical expenses or pay workers compensation insurance benefits. It’s recommended you contact a reputed workers’ compensation attorney NJ, immediately if you suffered a workplace injury. 

What is a Workplace injury?

Work injuries are common in organizations providing protective services, and close to 2.4% of New Jersey’s employed population is employed in this sector. Any injury an employee sustains in a workplace is a workplace injury. 

If you sustain a workplace injury in NJ, you may first notify your employer of the injury. You may reach out to your manager, supervisor, HR representative, or other authority. The employer will then notify the insurance company. 

How an Attorney Can Help

It takes legal experience and formal education to understand the details of a workplace injury claim. The first thing you do to be eligible for reimbursement or benefits is file a claim.

Assistance in Filing a Claim

When you file a workers compensation claim with the insurance, you will have to fill in details like your name, occupation, details of the injury, and evidence of the injury. The company may also ask you to attach medical bills or doctor’s certificates. The insurance company decides your eligibility to receive compensation or benefits. Your lawyer will have a good understanding of what points and evidence can help you win the claim based on your circumstance. 

Workers compensation insurance providers are subject to provisions of the Workers Compensation Statute, NJSA 34:15-39.1. Your workers’ compensation attorney in NJ will be well versed with the legislation’s provisions and will apply the relevant provisions to your case.

Help Negotiate Your Claim

Your lawyer will help you receive the maximum amount you are entitled to. You may have to submit proof of insurance. As per workers’ compensation provisions in NJ, your employer is required to do their best to ensure the restoration of your health and provide for loss of payment of wages. Your lawyer can help you negotiate with your employer and with the insurance company.

Deep Understanding of Legal Provisions

NJ’s statute provides that a worker who is affected by a disability for more than seven days is entitled to receive 70% of their average weekly wage rate as temporary benefits. You may also be entitled to medical benefits or permanent partial benefits for scheduled or non-scheduled losses. 

If the injury has resulted in severe disabilities that prevent the employee from returning to work, he/she is entitled to permanent total benefits. These provisions are complicated for laypeople to understand. An experienced attorney can deal with the case smoothly.

Work With a Good Attorney

The population of New Jersey has increased by 1.03% since 2010. The state has strong regulations to protect workers. If you sustain a workplace injury, it’s best to contact your lawyer immediately. Your lawyer can help take care of the legal provisions allowing you to recover from the injury in peace.

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