How Weather Stations Can Help Farmers

We all know that climatic conditions play an important role in farming, right?

There need to be an exact condition like sunny weather, humid condition that favors farming.

But, I will prefer the rain to dance with an umbrella or just water the plants. Apart from other industries, you know that weather is one of the important elements to affect farm production.


Within the growing season, it can influence the entire farm activities, fertilizer need, water, total yield, and crop growth, etc.

Is it that important?

Yes of course, farming within the open sky will reliant on moody conditions and other weather conditions. Beyond human control, you may notice numerous climate changes will lead to various unpredictable weather conditions.

AWS – Automatic Weather Station

AWS (Automatic Weather Station) is assembled with numerous sensors for monitoring the multiple environmental parameters. It is a combination of a radio transmitter and a data logger for recording & transmitting the information. You can utilize a Server or PC for analyzing, accessing, or storing this data on your terminal equipment. The weather station will utilize the following typical sensors:

  • Evaporation & Soil humidity
  • Soil temperature
  • Rain or Precipitation
  • Pyranometer (Radiation balance) & Global radiation
  • Barometric pressure
  • Anemometer (Speed) & Wind direction
  • Humidity
  • Air temperature

I say that different sensors will work on different crop types, soil conditions, and climatic conditions. Yeah! You should utilize the same with the help of a weather station.

Weather Station Features for Farmers

You must have the best weather station for farmers by identifying the following weather instruments like rainfall, humidity, and temperature. But I must say that, all these conditions are not enough!

Weather stations are worth to offer more functionality depending on the setup of any farmer. You can ensure that the farmland may receive adequate irrigation by using the soil moisture sensor. Fruit-bearing trees’ health can be monitored by using leaf moisture sensors. You can utilize the solar & UV radiation sensors to ensure whether crops are receiving proper light.

I advise you to choose the best option to pick the appropriate weather station.

It is important for you to buy a station that provides more expansion to grow your farm. You can utilize the agricultural weather station. However, they are more expensive when compared with other personal stations. But, you can achieve unmatched accuracy and quality from this weather station.

How to utilize the data from the Weather Station?

Make use of the weather station to get an update of weather glimpse. You can utilize the data with its best method by looking for different patterns. Just take an example of crop planting. It is susceptible to frost and you won’t prefer to plant crops with high risks of freeze and frost. To overcome this issue, you must work on implementing a weather station.

It is a better decision to plant the crops and also irrigate them.

I recommend you to invest in getting the best weather station to effectively analyze the weather data. These functionalities are available only in high-end or mid-range weather stations. You must research your local weather climate and educate the same by using the weather data. Ensure that the farmers must choose the best home weather station for their utilization.

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