How to Write a Letter to Cancel Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare?


Among many who have been cold feet after knowing the reality of Hilton Grand timeshares, a cancellation of the particular timeshare appears impossible.

However, this is not completely true. Timeshare cancellation is possible. All you need to do is be attentive to the terms of your contract and pinpoint a clause upon which you can make the request for immediate cancellation.

Most of the timeshare contracts offer a rescission period of 5-7 days for immediate cancellation. If you have a rescission term mentioned on your contract, then congratulations you’re in luck. Cancellation is a simple process, but you must be fully devoted to it.

If you are clueless about how to cancel a Hilton Grand Vacation timeshare, you have come to the right place. In this post, we’re going to highlight a few ways you can follow to write a winning timeshare cancelation letter.

What to Do When the Rescission Period has Passed?

Well, if you’re already beyond the rescission period, then it could be hard, though not impossible. What you need to do without any further delay, is to get in touch with an attorney who can understand the contract in full and guide you on the intricacies of the process for filing for cancellation of your timeshare.

Working with an attorney though does not come without a price, it’s worth the cancellation you will get. You would surely save yourself from the burden of paying for an agreement that you never wanted when you realized that it was just another pump and dump scheme.

Start with a Clear Subject Line

Make sure you start the letter with a clear subject line. Clearly mention that you are requesting a timeshare cancellation. The companies are always waiting for you to make a tiny mistake and they would disapprove of your polite proposal.

Eye on the List of All Required Documents

It is extremely important that you do not only put your eyes on the prize but also double-check the list of required documents, which you must submit along with your letter for cancellation. It’s really important that you provide your contact number and name. Plus, you must directly address the timeshare company in your letter and mention all the important details of the contract. Each company has its own requirements for documentation. So, you must follow the instructions for the cancellation letter very carefully. In your email, you must also inform the receiver about the amount you paid for the timeshare.

Be Clear and To-The-Point

When we mean to the point, we literally mean it. You’re encouraged to be concise with your ideas in the letter. Don’t leave even a tiny bit of chance of ambiguity in communication. The representatives of timeshare companies are always looking for you to miss out on details and give them a chance to excuse the process.

Your application could be left unexamined for several weeks if you make a mistake to include the essentials in your letter. While we encourage you to be precise, it is important that you point out the grounds upon which you have made a case for cancellation.

Bear in mind that the grounds for cancellation, which you’ve opted for must be in-line with the provisions of the contract provided by your timeshare company. So, make sure that you’ve all the details and you’re clear with your expression in the letter.

Use Bold Language

Using buffer expressions to come to transition from greetings to cancellation may not be the right idea. You’re not writing an email to a candidate who has not met the selection criteria for the job. Rather, you must be bold because you’re demanding immediate cancellation of a timeshare that was never worth your hard-earned money. So, be brave and be open to your strong language. However, make sure that you maintain a formal tone throughout your cancellation request. So, remember to use bold language to create an impactful impression.

Always Ask for a Cancellation Email

Even after you’ve crafted a professional cancellation and submitted it by addressing your timeshare company, you’re not finished with the process from your side unless you get a confirmation email from the timeshare company. Never ever take it easy. You’re never safe without a confirmation letter. You must demand immediate response and action.

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