How to Wear Multiple Rings on One Hand

Is your hand feeling a little bit naked? 

Sure, maybe you wear your favorite heirloom ring once in a while, or you’ve got a wedding band or an engagement ring to show off, but what about the rest of your fingers? 

Do you need a bit of extra sparkle in your life but you’re afraid to look gaudy? Do you not know how to wear multiple rings on one hand without going overboard?

First of all, forget gaudy. Your style is your own and it’s never going to be too much. Second of all, it’s actually in style to wear multiple rings on one hand and even on one finger

Whether you’re adorning all of your phalanges with loud statement jewelry or you want to keep a lower profile look, we’re here to help. Keep reading for our ring style guide so you can move from a one-ring person to a sparkly handed fashion icon. 

Figure Out an Aesthetic

It’s totally possible to try out all of the styles you’re interested in but many of us have our own personal aesthetics that would suit a certain “look”.

Take a look at the rest of your jewelry (if you wear it). What do you gravitate towards? Are you into precious metals, and if so, which one is your favorite? If you’re not sure and you haven’t been buying jewelry recently you can check out options at a local shop before committing.

You can also get an idea of what color of metal would look best with your skin tone

If you have primarily gold jewelry you should opt for gold rings (unless you’re into the mismatched style; more on that later). If you’re into white metals you should opt for titanium,  white gold, steel, or silver Rings with Natural Materials.

Are you into jewelry with a lot of color from paint, anodization, or enamel? While these are usually more limited as far as matching goes, they’re great as standout pieces. 

Are you a bold look lover that wants a bunch of crowded rings that show off your style? Are you someone that likes a minimal approach with jewelry that matches and blends into your look? 

Decide what you’re going for and go from there!

Start Small and Add Over Time

We don’t need to go from zero to crowded overnight. If you’re only wearing one ring (or no rings) right now, add one or two per outing so you can see what you’re comfortable with.

You’ll realize over time that you’ll start wanting to add more and more rings. They won’t feel as alien to you. 

People also won’t notice when you add more rings to your look if you do it slowly. If you do it all at once after being a “no rings ever” person someone is bound to call it out. If this is a problem for you, go slow.

You can buy many rings at a time so that you can add pieces as you’re comfortable instead of waiting to buy the next piece. Check local shops or even this website for fine jewelry wholesale to see if you can get reasonable prices on the mass amount of rings you’re going to be buying. 

Try One Statement Piece At a Time

A statement piece is a piece of jewelry (of any kind), clothing, or furniture that’s meant to draw attention and stand out. 

Some people are shy about statement pieces but you don’t have to be. 

If you’re wearing a statement necklace consider matching it to a statement ring for a cohesive look. Otherwise, branch out a bit. Statement rings are flashy, cute, and usually colorful. They’re larger than normal rings and they may be an unusual design.

Having one statement piece is going to help the rest of the rings look more natural in comparison and it will give a bit of flair to that hand.

This isn’t meant to limit you. If you want a statement ring on every finger you should go for it. 

Don’t Limit Yourself to Low Rings

Rings come in all different sizes. Those sizes might indicate to you that they’re for people with different sized fingers, and while this is true, they also give you more options. 

Normal rings are low on the fingers, grazing the first knuckle. It’s now popular to wear rings above the middle knuckle (referred to as “midi rings”). You could opt to try the top knuckle but you’d risk losing the ring and it would be uncomfortable on the pads of your fingers.

Midi rings are a great way to get a unique look even if you’re sticking to a minimal style. Midi rings draw the eye where it normally wouldn’t go. 

Mix Up Styles

So we’re used to the standard rings that are either plain bands or bands with a few gems here and there.

If you’re going to be stacking your rings (putting multiple rings on one finger) you want to mix and match. One plain band, one band with wrap-around designs or gems, and one center gem ring can go together seamlessly. Some rings are made to be stacked in this way.

Some rings are in different shapes (like waves, triangles, or more). Others cover more than one finger or cover more of a single finger.

These unique pieces aren’t as loud as statement rings but they add variety to your look. 

Don’t Be Afraid of “Gaudy”

Pretend that “gaudy” isn’t a thing. If your ideal look isn’t cohesive that’s okay. There are so many ways to wear rings.

Some people are afraid to wear mixed metals because of the idea that it’s a fashion faux pas. Mixing metals is trendy now as long as you do it with confidence. 

Confidence is key with any style but this is extra true with loud fashion items. Some people won’t like your look but they don’t have to. If you want your fingers to be covered in rings that are shaped like animals, or covered in rings that have pompoms on the ends, go for it. 

Your style is your own and you should flaunt it. 

How to Wear Multiple Rings on One Hand?

With Confidence! 

Confidence is everything when it comes to fashion. If you walk with your head held high people will think you’re doing something right. 

Don’t worry about how to wear multiple rings on one hand. There’s no one right way. It’s all about finding a style that suits your vibe.

Time to go jewelry shopping!

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