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How to Wear a Tie With Style and Class

You have new events on the horizon and you want to look your best. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your everyday businesswear.

High-quality ties have the power to bolster your outfit and leave a lasting impression. However, the wrong tie can clash and detract from your attire.

Keep reading to learn how to wear a tie that looks classy and polished for your next event.

Wear a Four-in-Hand Knot Tie

The four-in-hand knot tie is one of the most premium and popular knot styles. This type of necktie knot is ideal for men who want to dress either elegant or casual. It’s simplicity also makes it a top choice for men who are new to wearing ties.

The four-in-hand knot tie is on the smaller side than other knots. It compliments most tie styles, sizes, textures, and collars. It always sports an asymmetrical appearance. 

Select the Right Color

Color plays a key role when deciding how to wear a tie. To avoid your outfit looking too busy, stick to only wearing one statement color.

For instance, if your suit or shirt is plain, opt for a bold-colored tie that’ll stand out. For suits and shirts with complex colors or patterns, choose a more subdued tie color. The key is to always ensure that your tie colors are coordinated and do not clash with your outfit.

Choose a Complimentary Pattern

Similar to colors, the same rules apply to the tie patterns you choose. Bold suits and shirts pair better with neutral-patterned ties.

If your suit or shirt is plain, you’ll have more liberty to experiment with detailed patterned ties. Don’t shy away from stripes, plaid designs, and polka dots if you want your tie to be the focal point of your outfit.

Consider the Fabric

Necktie fabrics can range anywhere from wool, linen, cotton, silk, or cashmere. These fabric types vary in popularity, based on the season. 

Cotton and linen ties are best suited for the summer due to their lighter, airer textures. The winter season is a prime time to swap out lighter fabrics for more substantial, knit fabrics. Knit ties are elegant options for business wear and formal wear during the colder months.

Dress Business Formal

Business formal wear is most known for sleek, neutral-looking suits. In this instance, select a tie style that also appears neutral.

Black, dark blue, and dark grey are common colors for business formal wear. We recommend wearing ties with no patterns or with minimal patterns, such as stripes.

Dress Business Casual

Business casual wear gives you more flexibility with the types of ties you choose. Explore different tie fabrics and colors that compliment your shirts.

Try novelty ties if you’re looking to make an even bolder statement. If you decide to go the novelty route, make sure you select tasteful patterns for the workplace.

How to Wear a Tie With Class

Now that you’ve learned how to wear a tie with class, it’s time to put our tips to use. Consider the impression that you want to make, as well as the event that you’re attending. Swap out heavier fabrics with lighter fabrics in the summer and explore different colors and patterns until you find the right fit.

We hope you found our article helpful. If you have any questions or ideas, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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