How to use WhatsApp without phone number

Today WhatsApp is the most used application in the whole world for sending messages or want to contact anyone. But if we tell you that you can use WhatsApp without using a phone number or any Sim card. Yes, it is possible, that’s why today in this article we will tell you how to use WhatsApp without your phone number.

Sometimes we want to prank someone with messaging app services. We don’t want to message them with our existing phone number. There are many other situations comes in our life when we don’t want to message someone with our existing number or we just want to investigate them. At that time we want to use a WhatsApp without having our number. 

So those who want to learn how to use WhatsApp without a phone number or Sim card then be with us, we will tell you 2 methods for which you can use it easily without sharing our phone number. 

How to use WhatsApp without a phone number?

To use WhatsApp without a phone number, you need an Android, Windows, or iOS on which you can perform the operation and make sure that you have a working Internet connection and WhatsApp installed on your device. Then check whether it is verified or not and then if it is verified then remove your current WhatsApp number by uninstalling it and reinstall it again. So here are those methods –

# Use Textnow

Textnow is an application that will give a unique phone number to verify WhatsApp, so you have to install that application on your device and then follow these steps.

  • First, download the Textnow app on your phone and if you are using on PC then open the Android emulator and search the Textnow application in that.
  • After downloading, you have to complete the setup process by filling all the details properly. 
  • Then the app will give you a unique number that you have to note down somewhere. If you forget to note down then you can get it by tapping on the three dots and there you will able to get your number. 
  • After getting that unique number, now you have to open the WhatsApp, and then it will ask to enter the phone number. You have to enter that Textnow number in the box.
  • Now it will send an SMS to that number, the message verification process will fail after 5 minutes, then you have to tap on the Call Me option to receive the automated code.
  • Now open that Textnow application and you will receive an automated call from whatsapp group link, you have to note down that verification code and enter it on your WhatsApp application.

That’s it, this is the way to use WhatsApps without using your number or any Sim card. We have one more method from which you can use WhatsApp without having a phone number.

# Use Existing Landline number for verification

You can also use WhatsApp with your existing Landline number for verification. Just follow these steps –

  • First of all, you have to clear the data of your existing WhatsApp application.
  • Then it will ask for a number, where you have to enter your Landline number.
  • Now the message verification process will get fail after 5 minutes and then you have to tap on the Call Me option. 
  • An automated call will receive on your Landline number which will give you a verification code.
  • You have to enter that verification code in your WhatsApp application to complete the process.


So, these are the methods from which you can use WhatsApp without a phone number. It is quite an easy process, anyone can do it easily. Still, if you have any queries related to this article, you can ask us in the comment section, we will be glad to help you.

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