How To Use MyMonero – Step By Step Guide For Cryptocurrency Newbies

With no third parties involved to store your private key, MyMonero has become one of the most attractive wallets out there for XMR cryptocurrency. Whether you use it over your desktop or mobile, you will find a user friendly wallet with crystal clear buttons and a straightforward interface. Furthermore, you will not have to download the entire blockchain. 

As attractive as it seems, users may still need a bit of guidance on how to use MyMonero and benefit from its intuitive features.

How to install MyMonero

Whether you run Windows, Linux or MacOS, you will have to download the latest version of the software first. Simply head to the official website and get it. Windows users will find an easy setup mode with the classic next buttons.

Linux users need to get the .AppImage extension file and extract it before starting the installation, while MacOS users have to identify the .dmg file, extract it and run the installation. You can use MyMonero on your mobile as well. It is accessible over the web too, so simply go to the official website and register.

While Windows, Linux and MacOS users can also register online and use MyMonero application over their browsers, running the application software is more efficient and will provide quicker access to their electronic wallets. 

How to use the interface

Once registered, the interface does not require too much experience. If you have used online payment platforms before, you should know precisely where to go for particular actions – it is quite similar and it features easy links.

When logged in, you will notice the main menu at the top of the page. You have the four main links there. You can see an overview of your account, as well as the most recent transactions. If you want more details about your transactions or the whole history, go to the transactions tab.

The other two links allow you to send and receive coins. You will also find a button with your account. You can change everything about your account there. You can extract private and public keys as well. Not sure about something? Feeling confused? The support button will send you to MyMonero’s developers. 

Getting an address

There is no HD feature, but Crypto Head will generate an address for you. Once you log in, the wallet will come up with an address. You have a public key, which is linked to the private login key, so you basically have a single address only. 

As you log on, you will be redirected to the account overview, where you will notice your public key, the most recent transactions and your balance.

How to send and receive

Sending and receiving is not too complicated and quite intuitive – you should be able to do it straight away. When receiving money, go to the receiving tab in the menu and get the public address. You will have to give it to your sender.

There is also the option to generate a QR code for the transaction. On the same note, send the QR code to the sender in order to receive your coins. Payment identification will be required and will show up in the same menu.

Sending is just as easy, only you will have to go to the sending tab in the main menu. You will also need to enter a privacy level for the money you send. You can use the ID – it is just a matter of tracking your transactions.

It is highly recommended to double check every detail when about to send coins to someone else. Even if you miss a single character or you type it wrong, you will never be able to retrieve those coins. They will get lost somewhere.

How to backup and restore

Backups can be done through your account settings. Get to the menu and find the details section. You will find both private and public details. Copy all of them and keep them in a safe place on your computer – that is your backup.

Restoring stuff is fairly simple. As you visit MyMonero for the first time, you will find a setting to restore your wallet with the private or public key. You have both of them anyway. Enter the address and keys and your wallet will be restored within seconds only.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, MyMonero will not raise too many question marks. The wallet has one major advantage compared to other similar alternatives – it is extremely simple to use. People with no experience whatsoever can get along with it without requiring any guidance.

Furthermore, MyMonero is free to use. It is customer orientated and accessible over any platform or device out there – all you need is an Internet connection and a browser. For some operating systems, the application software is more efficient.

Meta: Find out how to use MyMonero and discover what each link in the interface does to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

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