How to Use Instagram Stories Templates for Your Brand


  • Do you want to make beautiful Instagram Stories consistently?

Then, say hello to Instagram Stories templates!!! 

These templates are becoming increasingly popular, with brands and influencers carefully crafting branded stories with consistent color, tone, style, and structure.

It makes creating on-brand content a breeze, so you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to updating your social media accounts and expanding your business.

  • Are you prepared to discover how to employ Instagram Stories templates?

This article will teach you all you need to know about using Instagram Stories themes for business and how to make your own. Now, you can get as many views instagram you want and connect with your target audience group significantly.

So, let’s get started.

What Are Instagram Stories Templates?

These templates are editable image layouts, and you can add captions, text, images, and stickers in them to give them a personal touch.

Apps like Adobe Photoshop or Canva come predisposed with such templates. So if you want to use them, you can and that also for a minimum price.

Once you choose a design, change the background image, add some GIFs, buttons, and stickers to make the Insta-Story as customized as possible.

How To Use Insta Story Templates For Your Brand?

It totally depends on your brand which template you will use in your IG Story. But, whatever decision you make, there are a few common tips to get you started.

Let’s take a look:

Create Your Template In Instagram Stories With A Style Guide

To start developing a unified Instagram Stories template for your tools. All you’ll need is the Instagram app and a solid style guide to get started.

Make a list of the colors you want to use, your major and secondary fonts, and whether or not you prefer GIFs and other Instagram Stories design features. 

All of these minor elements add up to a basic but lovely design that reflects your brand’s style and tone, and it’s all done in the Instagram app!

Use An App To Create Your Instagram Stories Template Design

Fortunately, creating high-quality Instagram Stories material is now easier than ever — you simply need to walk outside of the Instagram app for some extra help!

Pre-designed layouts can make the process of creating Instagram Stories much easier by removing the stress of finding out where to put your text, image, or video.

When you don’t have a visual reference, it’s difficult to visualize how wonderful something will appear, which is why we love these templates!

Create Instagram Stories Templates With Photoshop

While using an app to make Instagram Stories templates is a quick answer, Adobe Photoshop allows you to design high-quality, unified themes that exactly suit your brand. 

This may be the finest option for you if you’re seeking a quick and straightforward way to boost your storytelling strategy! 

While there are numerous programs to pick from, make sure that your new templates are a good match for your brand’s design. 

By creating an Instagram Stories content strategy, you can ensure that you never miss an opportunity to interact with your audience while producing consistently high-quality material!

Why Should You Use These Templates?

It’s just as crucial to consider the aesthetics of your Instagram profile while creating stories and choosing templates for that purpose as it is when producing regular posts.

This can be as basic as always using the same Instagram font or using your brand colors when utilizing text or drawing tools. 

However, as Instagram Stories become more popular, marketers are treating them as seriously as their normal Instagram posts, generating beautifully designed stories that stand out on Instagram and prevent consumers from swiping past them.

You’re missing out on the opportunity to present your brand to new audiences, create brand recognition, and make a lasting first impression if your Instagram Stories design and style don’t match the aesthetic of your profile page.

Get On Board!

Now that you have found out how to use templates for Instagram Stories, you will have the upper hand in the game.

But, before you jump at the opportunity, make sure you understand how these stories work.

If you require more information on them, let us know in the comment box below. We will get back to you with a reply in no time.

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