How to Use CBD Isolate in 7 Effective Ways

One in seven adults in America reported using CBD in some form last year.

If you were one of them you may already be aware of the many benefits of this powerful plant. If not, you should know that consumers report using CBD products for pain relief, to ease anxiety, and increase focus throughout the day. 

CBD manages to do all this without getting you “high” like traditional marijuana products. These factors have led to a huge rise in popularity, especially in the isolate of this chemical compound. 

Ready to learn how to use CBD isolate for healing and everyday wellness?

There are tons of options for CBD including pills, oils, and topicals. You want to make sure you are using quality hemp products and using the most effective form for you. We can help you cut through the noise and start using this product the right way. 

CBD isolate is the most versatile way to begin using CBD. You can incorporate it into any product you can imagine. Learn more about what this powder is and how to use CBD isolate in topicals, drinks, and more!

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is one of the purest forms of CBD on the market. Often found in a powder form it can also be a solid. The extraction process removes the CBD compound from the plant matter. What’s left is nearly pure CBD. 

The powder is usually odorless and flavorless making it very versatile. This pure form of CBD is easier to dose, so you always know how much you are taking. 

There is almost no THC in CBD isolate powder and it has no psychoactive properties. You should know, the Farm Bill of 2014 allows hemp products to contain up to .3% THC. This tiny amount of CBD will not get you high. It will also not usually appear in drug screenings. 

CBD isolate powder is the easiest way to start using CBD in your routine. You can buy CBD isolate powder wholesale for the best price and quality. Having more on hand will allow you to experiment with recipes and applications. You can discover the best way to use CBD for you!

1. Ingest Directly

One of the easiest ways to use CBD in any form is to ingest it right from the container. Isolate powder can be sprinkled under or on the tongue for easy and fast relief from headaches or other ailments. This may not be the most delicious way to use CBD but it is simple and fast, especially if you need quick relief from pain.

2. Add to Coffee or Tea

Sprinkle the powder directly into warm drinks to dissolve and add a boost to your morning or afternoon drink. You can also mix CBD isolate powder with your favorite sweetener, like sugar or powdered stevia. This will result in a CBD infused sweetener you can add to coffee, teas, or baked goods.

CBD can be ingested regularly in the mornings to help you focus throughout the day. Coffee drinkers may notice a reduced crash from caffeine. CBD may even be able to lessen any negative effects from caffeine such as increased anxiety, jumpiness, or shakes. 

3. Add to Meals

You can add CBD isolate directly to dishes you are cooking to give your meals a boost of wellness. Sprinkle the powder into dishes as you would a spice. Consuming CBD regularly with meals can help ease the effects of anxiety or stress.

You can mix in the powder with smoothies, oatmeal, and other blended dishes as well. Try making CBD infused pesto or other condiments and adding them to your cooking arsenal. 

4. DIY Body Products

Make your own CBD infused balms or lotions to help soothe sore muscles or chronic pain. There are simple recipes online that can meet your individual needs.

Making custom lotions and other beauty products also give you control over the ingredients, so you know there are no hidden nasties. Try adding other helpful ingredients like essential oils to give your balms an aromatherapy boost. 

5. CBD Infused Spices

Make your own spice blend and add CBD to the mix to power up your favorite dishes. CBD can be easily blended into sweet or savory spice blends like curry powders or pumpkin pie spice mixes. 

Check the dosage before adding CBD to your spices. Be sure to label your CBD infused spice mixture separate from your traditional spices. You can make varying levels of strength in CBD infused spices. Use lower doses for daily use and stronger ones for acute issues. 

6. Pet Treats

CBD is now a common remedy for pain and stress for pets. Look up proper dosages for pets and talk with your vet before giving your pet new supplements. Regular CBD use can help pets with separation anxiety, hyperactivity, and aches that come from old age. 

Dog and cat-friendly treats are easy to make at home. Recipes range from simple peanut butter baked goods to frozen treats for hot summer days. Homemade dog treats are a great way to avoid certain ingredients if you have a pet with allergies. 

7. Custom CBD Oils

Create your own tincture or oil. Tinctures are perfect for ingesting and can be a quick way for your body to absorb the benefits of CBD. You can also include custom herbs or extracts to target specific issues. 

Try infusing cooking oils with CBD. CBD is often best absorbed with some kind of fat or oil and this can be an easy way to make sure that your CBD is effective.

Now You Know How to Use CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is one of the most versatile products for utilizing CBD. Now that you understand the benefits of CBD isolate, you can use it to meet your needs. You can use this powerful ingredient to enhance food, drinks, and create topical pain relief solutions. Be creative with your CBD isolate powder!

Do you know someone interested in natural remedies? Be sure to share this article with someone you know who might benefit from knowing how to use CBD isolate. Then, make sure to check out the rest of our website for more informational articles.

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