How to Travel More: 3 Essential Tips

Although 76% of Americans express that they want to travel more, the majority (54%) have been to fewer than ten states. 

Even more surprisingly, more than one in ten Americans have never left their home state. All of this despite the proven social, mental, and physical health benefits of traveling!

Do you want to see more of the world? Are you eager to leap into an adventurous lifestyle but worried about traveling on a budget?

Check out these four tips for how to travel more! 

1. Set and Keep Budget Goals

Planning a trip will require you to estimate travel costs. Before taking off on your next adventure, you’ll need to save money. Re-evaluate your budget and cut out unnecessary expenses. 

Check how much you’re spending in the following areas:

  • Media subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, etc.)
  • Smartphone app subscriptions
  • Dining out, coffee, drinks
  • Movie theaters
  • Shopping

It’s important not to cut your budget so thin that you aren’t having any fun at home. Give yourself some wiggle room for spending money while saving for your trip. Just saving an extra $100 every month can add up!

2. Take Short, Frequent Trips

Longer trips require more money. While it’s nice to get away for a week or more, you often don’t need more than two to three days to experience a place. 

Instead of saving for one massive trip yearly, try to go on short mini-trips once per month or every season. These mini-trips will motivate you and give you more travel experience without having to go far from home.

“Tour” your hometown! Visit your local state and national parks, beaches, downtown areas, and historic sites. Rent a quaint B&B room to see a new side of your city.

3. Bargain, Barter, and Trade

These days, there are so many creative and affordable ways to travel. Do your research before purchasing plane tickets or hotel stays, and plan ahead for discounted rates. You can also search online for opportunities that allow you to work for room and board, such as:

  • Pet-sitting, nannying and housesitting
  • National parks, wilderness lodges, camps
  • Teaching foreign language
  • Ski instructor, kayak guide

Many of these jobs are temporary positions that allow you to come and go as you need. Some, like teaching English in a foreign country, may turn into a long-term living situation. 

If you own your home or another property, consider renting or swapping your house with other travelers. Home exchange sites allow you to swap homes or stay with other people living in some of the best places to visit!

How to Travel More Cost-Effectively

Don’t blow all of your savings on one trip! It’s never too early to start planning for your next vacation. Here are more tips for traveling on a budget:

  • Cook your own meals 
  • Visit public monuments & historical sites
  • Stay in hostels or local B&Bs
  • Look for all-inclusive travel bundles
  • Travel in a group to split costs

Happy Landings!

Traveling may seem tricky in today’s economy, but you can do anything you set your mind to! With a bit of budgeting, flexibility, and spontaneity, you, too, can live the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Did you enjoy reading about these tips on how to travel more? Are you looking for more helpful business, technology, and lifestyle advice?

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