How to Spice Up Your Backyard This Summer

As we get into springtime and young men’s (and women’s) fancies turn to thoughts of home improvement, you might look outside and think that your backyard seems a bit lackluster. You might be thinking that it’s time to change that, and you’d be absolutely right. The time is right for outdoor activities, which means a backyard makeover might be in order. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! Here are a few simple ways you can spice up your backyard and make your home the envy of the potluck circuit this summer.

Add a Fire Pit

If you enjoy spending time outside with friends, a fire pit is the perfect addition to your backyard. Just imagine sitting around it, drinking beer and toasting marshmallows. The best part is that this can be achieved surprisingly easily and cheaply so far as backyard projects go. You can buy a prefab design, but fire pits are pretty easy to build from scratch, so why not flex your creativity and plan it out yourself? You can use floor tiles, cinder blocks, bricks, or even just stones that you’ve collected around. Just make sure to double-check the ordinances in your neighborhood to avoid running afoul of Johnny Law.

String up a Hammock

A hammock is the ultimate in outdoor relaxation and is a worthwhile addition to any backyard set-up. It’s also ridiculously easy – all you need is the hammock itself and a couple of trees to hang it between. Or if you only have one tree you can set up a hammock chair from My Hammocks that only needs a branch or beam to hang off. If you don’t have any trees in your backyard, you can try setting up some poles or supports for it, although that’s a little trickier. Pro tip: make sure you have soft grass underneath the hammock, because those things can be a real bear to get in and out of sometimes.

Put up a Gazebo

If you’re looking for a spot to relax with the family that’s a little comfier and more weather resistant than a fire pit, a bespoke gazebo is probably exactly what you’re looking for. They take up a little more space than other options, but the shade and comfort are pretty much unparalleled. Setting one up can be a little more difficult than some of the other projects on the list so far, so you may want to consider checking out a company like Sojag that sells gazebos prebuilt and ready for assembly.

Re-do the Lighting

As any good photographer or Instagram model knows, lighting is everything. Changing the lighting in your backyard is probably the quickest way to change the entire feel of the space in one go, so it’s a great place to start. You can try adding some string lights for a classic rustic look or get a little fancier with some installed ground lights to illuminate from below. If you’re feeling a little crazy, you can even use glow-in-the-dark paint on objects that are already in the yard, which can help make them pop more in the evenings.

No matter what you end up going with, it’s important to make sure that your decor matches the existing aesthetics of your home. Take your time and really plan things out, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to transform an ordinary pedestrian backyard into your own little slice of heaven.

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