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How To Sleep Deeply When Dealing With Body Pain

One of the most common causes of insomnia can simply be chronic pain. In one report conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, back and body pain can disrupt sleep cycles of one in every five Americans every week. Learning how to sleep through chronic pain takes a consistent sleep schedule, as well as the right sleep set up for comfortable rest.

Understanding how to find the best mattress for back pains, locating the source of your chronic pain, and learning how to cope constructively with chronic pain will ensure you attain the right amount of rest as you’re trying to get sleep through the night.

Here are some of our top tips for sleeping through the night with chronic pain:

Engage in ‘relaxing distractions’ that take your mind off the pain

One of the best ways to ensure you’re sleeping comfortably despite any kind of chronic body pain is by engaging in something called ‘relaxing distractions’. This term, coined by Dr. Padma Gulur, refers to calming techniques that allows your brain to refocus on something other than pain.

One example of an especially distracting relaxation is breathing meditation, which has been shown to slow the body down and keep it calm through moments or episodes of intense pain. Another way to keep your body distracted by something calming is through the use of guided imagery, which keeps you focussed on a calm, peaceful location.

If you’re figuring out how to sleep deeper, try not to use technology to distract you from your pain, as this can just result in a sleep cycle that is further disrupted. Reading a book or listening to a podcast can be an alternative way to both entertain yourself and keep yourself sleeping peacefully through the night. 

Find the best mattress for back pains for optimal pressure relief

To find the best mattress for back pains or any type of chronic pain, you’ll need to look out for those that highlight pressure-relief as a feature. Memory foam mattresses are especially well known for being the best mattresses for pressure relief.

The reason finding the best mattress for back pains is so important when you’re figuring out how to sleep more comfortably through the night is because your bed can actually play a crucial role in how much chronic pain you have to struggle with throughout the day.

The best mattress for back pains or any kind of chronic pain will focus on having the right balance between comfort and support to ensure you’re able to sleep cozily without having to put too much pressure on any one part of your body.

Create healthy sleep hygiene habits that will keep you resting well

Once you’ve found the best mattress for back pains, it’s time to focus on your personal sleeping habits. Making sure you have the discipline to follow through on your sleep schedule is an important part in understanding how to sleep uninterrupted.

Some healthy sleep hygiene habits include Natural remedies for sleep: People in South East Asia have been using Red Kratom for centuries to help with sleep. Red Bali is one of the best kratom strains to help with sleep.)

  • Keeping technology out of your bed. One of the top tips you’ll find in any research article on how to sleep better, even the best mattress for back pains can’t fix the interruptions to your circadian rhythm caused by blue light. Be sure to put your phones away for a couple of hours before you get to sleep.
  • Having a warm shower right before going to bed. One of the easiest ways to lull your body to sleep is by bringing your internal body temperature down, and a warm shower is a quick way to achieve just this. The best mattresses will also include temperature regulation features, so if you’re a hot sleeper figuring out how to sleep better, this is one of the best ways to do so.
  • Staying away from heavy meals or spicy food right before sleeping. This is especially important if you struggle often with chronic pain. Spicy meals or heavy food can lead to indigestion, heartburn, and other discomfort, amplifying any other experiences of pain you might have.

Finding other tools to help you fall asleep better

If you’re sure you have the best mattress for back pains, but you’re still convinced your sleep set up could use improving, there are a wide range of other tools that might be able to help you with this. Your bedroom needs to act as a relaxing, calming environment, so selecting your bedroom furniture accordingly can really make all the difference when it comes to learning how to sleep better.

Adjustable bed frames are a great tool for pressure relief, and can be especially handy if you’re an athlete or someone who struggles with targeted chronic pain. Most adjustable bed frames come with custom-set positions that make them perfect for pressure relief, and are a solid choice if you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom set up.

Layering your bed with other comfy accessories can also make a world of difference when you’re dealing with chronic pain. Cooling bed sheets, cozy blankets, and supportive body pillows can all play a role in upping the comfort of your bed and preventing any unnecessary strain.

While chronic pain can be extremely debilitating to have to work with, it is by no means impossible to find ways to deal with. Make sure to see a physician if you find that your chronic pain is getting debilitating. If you’ve been dealing with any type of chronic pain for an extended period of time, then it is best to get professional help. If you’re learning how to deal with your chronic pain, remember it might take a little trial and error before you find a routine that works best for you.

From finding the best mattress for your sleep, to keeping on top of your sleep hygiene habits, there are plenty of ways to ensure you’re sleeping comfortably through the night despite chronic pain. With the right amount of planning, and a nice big cup of herbal tea to help you along, you’re going to be catching up on those eight hours of sleep before you know it.

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