How to Select Your PC Gamer Components by PC Builder

A gaming PC is a device that must have very good performance. It goes without saying that most games are large in size and require high configurations as well as good specifications on a computer, in order to be able to be installed and then run bug-free. Let’s take a tour of the PC site for different elements that a gaming PC must be made of.

Motherboard of a Gamer PC:-

The motherboard is a critical part of any computer’s configuration, especially since without it nothing can function. This is because it is the computer component to which all the other components are plugged into. The choice of motherboard is made in accordance with the processor. The two must indeed be compatible.

Go to our site for guide to choose your PC Gamer motherboard.

Which Processor to Choose?

A PC’s processor is the very brain that determines its speed. This is why it is important to go for a processor with high speed.

Two main types of processor are available: AMD and Intel. While it is true that AMD processors are quite suitable for gaming and offer good value for money, the fact remains that Intel processors generally deliver high performance.

For a more in-depth guide, see our site to choose the gaming processors.

What about the Graphics Card?

A gaming PC must necessarily have a good graphics card. In this area, Nvidia and AMD are the best manufacturers. Your graphics card is the most important component for a PC gaming setup. The RTX 3060 from Nvidia is a great starting point when choosing a graphics card, from here you can upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs, we will help you as best as possible to choose your graphics card.

Which Hard Drive to Choose?

SSD hard drives generally offer better performance than HDD hard drives. But the former are more expensive. If your budget is rather tight, a large HDD hard drive is already a good option.

With the Seagate FireCuda, you have access to 8 Gigabytes of flash memory which will greatly improve the speed of the hard drive. This hard drive is particularly suitable for a PC Gamer. It will also be much less power hungry than a normal hard drive and less noisy.

Water Cooling To Cool the PC:-

It’s all about preference and budget. However, note that coolers are a good deal when it comes to value for money. As for water-cooling, it is much more efficient, quieter but also more expensive. If you cannot connect with an Ethernet cable, consider adding a Wi-Fi card to your configuration.

In addition to your setup, consider viewing our gaming peripherals guide.

A Pc Gamer Box:-

There are different types of PC Gamer cases. Desktop PC cases come in different types and shapes. Choose those that are not at risk of electrocuting you. Therefore, pay special attention to the building material. For the rest, it’s all about taste. Find our selection of PC cases for gamers on our site.

Choosing The Right RAM Memory:-

After the processor, RAM is the component that determines the overall speed of the computer. It is preferable to choose a fairly large RAM memory: 8G Giga minimum and 16 Giga ideally. Also take a look at its frequency which must be at least 1600 MHz, see our site on Random Access Memory (RAM) for more information.

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