How to Run A Successful Business Venture?

How to Run a Successful Business so that it does not fall apart, barely having time to start? This is a question that concerns both novice businessmen and owners who have some stock of experience and knowledge. Any enterprise is the result of the active work of the head and team.

However, in addition to this, the organization is a kind of reflection of the owner’s personality: his principles, beliefs, determination, energy, ability to calculate the situation in advance.

Therefore, the first thing to start with is a change in mindset. The owner should have a proprietary approach, because, evaluating the development process from the point of view of the employee. Many email marketing agencies are successfully running through this approach. It is almost impossible to achieve sustainable progress.

How to do business: the most important thing

A mass of tales circulates in the philistine environment about the incredible complexity of entrepreneurship: high competition, the state stifles with taxes and regulatory authorities with inspections and fines. In part, these rumors are true, but practice shows that start-ups often burn out not because of an aggressive external environment, but due to the erroneous actions of the leadership mangastream.

Where to begin?

Profitability in the first months of the promotion of the enterprise is a completely normal phenomenon. However, a surprisingly large number of people start entrepreneurial activity without even trying to determine the breakeven point. And meanwhile, this does not require any overly complicated calculations: just add up all your monthly expenses, and then calculate how much goods or services you need to realize in order to at least not get in the red.

Another common mistake is the desire for an ideal start: an office in a prestigious area, high-tech equipment, a strict dress code for employees. In fact, it is much more important to make sure that your products are in demand: if there is no demand for them, then in a couple of months you will be forced to sell your first-class equipment in order to pay off the loan payment.

So how do you do business to be successful? The answer is simple: your focus should be primarily on customers and sales.


Truth: there is no business without customers. However, many novice entrepreneurs do not think about any specific schemes for attracting the target audience, hoping that the buyer will come to them himself. This approach only works in very few Successful Business niches, and in addition, sooner or later you will be superseded by more enterprising competitors.

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About half of your time should be devoted to working with clients. This concept includes several aspects:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Work aimed at increasing the number of repeat purchases
  • Analysis of selected tactics, analysis of errors.

Pay attention to sales techniques: up to half of purchases are made under the influence of an emotional impulse, and then a state of “hangover” sets in – a person begins to wonder whether he made the right choice and whether he made the right choice. One of the sellers who does not spare time to inspire confidence in the company to the client can be sure that the client will return to him for the next similar purchase, and not be tempted by a competitor’s offer.

Useful techniques for the proper conduct of business in trade:

  1. Respond to a customer request as quickly as possible. If at the moment it is not possible to solve the client’s problem, indicate the approximate dates when you can contact him. A potential buyer should know that they saw his request, keep it in priority, a decision will follow.
  2. Make concessions. If the client asks to add some work to the standard package, do it, of course, provided that it does not require much time, labour or financial expenses from you. Show loyalty.
  3. Correct your mistakes. There is no more sure way to lose a dozen potential buyers than to refuse one of them to solve any problem after the sale, formulating a rejection in the spirit of “everything worked for us, now it’s your difficulties.”
  4. Do not spare time for dialogs. The client does not know your terminology and information about production processes. Ask clarifying questions, pronounce all the necessary points in order to achieve mutual understanding.
  5. Follow your commitments. Is always.
Business Blocks - The Foundations Of Building A Better Business

Final Words

Of course, the business owner should not completely close the functionality of the sales department, in the end, the business owner has a slightly different range of key responsibilities. Ideally, the situation should look like this: you analyse the results of the previous period, plan a strategy for the future, determine the main directions, set work standards. And delegate the implementation of specific tasks aimed at fulfilling the plan to your team.

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