How to Remove Image Backgrounds in 3 Easy Steps

It is very common nowadays to have a normal image and to remove the background and insert a different color into the image. After the image has been taken and edited to show a good image, we need to change the background to meet the criteria we have taken in the image.

If you need to remove the background of a person’s image, you always had the option to do so using a program like Photoshop. Getting free tools online, however, can be easier than removing the background with software.

Imgkits is an AI-based tool that is ideal for removing backgrounds. It is an automated online tool to remove the background from your product photos. With this background remover tool, you can remove the background of any image that consists of people, animals, objects, cars, graphics, etc. When you upload an image, the tool automatically detects and removes the background.

In this article, you will learn how best to change the background and set the color of the image you want to use as background.

The precise and easy use of Imgkits makes it easy to remove the background from your image, even semi-transparent objects such as hair. Imgkits automatically selects the object and transfers the image with a transparent background with perfect edges.

How to use background remover on photo

Step1: Select an image

Your first step is to open the Imgkits website and select the background remover tool and drag & drop an image from your computer or click on the + Start from Photo button to select one.

We support all image dimensions and aspect ratios. Your image format can be PNG or JPG.

Step2: Remove the background

Our image extraction tool will remove the background from any image. You can then choose a new background color.

You can get any color background for your photo. Our transparent background colors are the most popular. While, of course, it is totally up to you what color you choose including the background, dark colors/low contrast on a light skin tone looks more couth.

Step3: Download the image

After you have chosen new background color, you can click the big “Download” button at the bottom of your photo and you will get a perfect photo. You can start over at any moment by dropping a new image into the window.

How to change background-color

The background color of images can be changed instantly! With an abundance of robust technologies available, there is an incredibly quick, straightforward way to change your image backgrounds to any color online. Swapping photo background colors is an excellent technique to improve the visual appearance, improve focus, and minimize distractions. You can easily remove the background in our Imgkits tool when you are shooting products, people, or animals.

Imgkits’s photo background color changer allows you to change the color of your background photos online. Our Background removal tools enable you to easily change the background of a photo, no matter where it’s from. You can use any image as a background or any background color. And the best part is that it’s fully automatic, just upload an image and get the output in seconds.


In conclusion. Editing services make up a small amount of all the resources. Not only that, but the editing process is time-consuming and many people don’t care about quality. Therefore, we bring an amazing editor Imgkits’s Background Remover that can edit anything (including backgrounds) quickly after you take your selfie.

Over the past few years, the demand for background removers has gradually increased, and workers in different fields, in most cases, need a transparent background image that can be better used in different scenarios. Imgkits offers multiple, easy-to-use templates that are impressive and eye-catching. There are multiple other tools found on Imgkits that are important.

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