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How To Proceed When There Is An Issue With The Old Water Heater?

Taking a warm nice hot shower can release all the stress from the body, helping people to recharge immediately. Not only for baths, hot water can make every sort of shower more enjoyable.

Having a water heater is common for any household irrespective of the status of that home. But it is important for every house owner to know the signs when they have to go to a plumber for a water heater repair.

Problems that are common with water heaters

It is important to know why there is a problem with the heater in order to repair the exact issue. Here are some common issues that any model of water heater generally face

●      The most common and risky type of problem with a water heater is leakage of water from the heater. In some cases, there will even be a requirement for changing the heater completely.

●      Sometimes even though the tank is filled with water, there will not be any hot water even after waiting for more time. The remedy for these varies depending on the type of heaters the people own.

●      Sometimes when the heater is switched on there will be a strange smell and this can be because of the bacteria that is accumulated in the tank. To resolve this, they can increase the temperature of the heater. By doing so all the bacteria present in the tank will be killed. So, there will not be any need for water heater repair or no need to call a plumber as well to fix the issue.

The parts which can go wrong in a water heater

Water heaters have many parts but out of all those, only a few moving parts are to be observed as the repair conditions can occur only in them. They are

1.     Thermostat

2.     Burner or heater element

3.     Valve sticks

4.     Circuit breaker

Main types of water heaters

There are many types of water heaters. Every model has its own good and disadvantage. Depending on the requirement of the owner the type of water heater will be selected.

1. Conventional Storage water heater

This is the most common type of water heater that many people use in their homes. The tank capacity decides the amount of hot water it can produce.

2. Tankless or on-demand water heater

This is a modern type of heater and this can provide endless hot water to the home. It will be a task to get this type of water heater repair done easily.

3. Heat pump water heater

This is also called a hybrid water heater. This can help in saving electricity as this type of heater will not generate heat directly. As the name suggests, this tank uses heat from air and ground to create the required heat for boiling the water.

4. Solar-powered water heater

This water heater allows generating heat using the heat from the sun which is very good in present situations. This is the most energy-efficient of all the types available.


For buying and installing a water heater it may take around $500 to $1500. So, it is always beneficial to get the water heater checked and take it immediately for water heater repair when there is an issue.

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