How to print SMS from Phone?

Android 12 is officially here. However, as an Android user, you would also know that this latest OS update by Google does not apply to every smartphone out there. As of now, Android 12 is available for download only on Google Pixel phones. 

Furthermore, users of Google Pixel 3 and above can enjoy the new features of Android 12 by updating their Android phones. On the other hand, Google Pixel 6 and its variants will get this update out of the box itself. So, if you happen to use a Pixel Android phone, update your phone OS now to Android 12 and enjoy its unique features. 

Seeing so much hype about the Android 12 features, other Android phone users must be disappointed yet excited for their smartphones to turn for the Android 12 update. Although we cannot be sure of when Android 12 will be full-on rolling for every Android phone, one thing that we can assure you is that the SMS EasyReader&Printer is applicable on every phone and OS.

Of course, this SMS printing software application or say tool supports all phones, whether it is an Android phone, a Windows phone, or an iOS phone. Where some smartphones do not support every type of file format, the SMS EasyReader&Printer supports every type of file format, including XML, VMSG, MSG, VMG, TXT, CSV, JPG, GIF, PNG files, etc. This SMS printing solution not only allows the user to print out text messages from Android phones but also offers them the option to manage their SMS text messages in its database. 

That is why this SMS EasyReader&Printer is widely used and considered an all-in-one solution for SMS and text messages issues. Obviously, you can print whatever SMS and MMS you want to take a printout of from your Android phone. Along with that, you can also read, manage, search, select, view statistics, generate chats, delete SMS text messages, clean spam messages, save and email chat conversations from your Android mobile through the use of SMS EasyReader&Printer. 

The earlier version of this software application was available to users for free. But, its latest version offers its users the best features and functions for use. Hence, if you are already using this SMS EasyReader&Printer on your phone to print SMS Android, it’s time that you upgrade to its newest version for the unlimited best SMS printing experience. 

Now, back to our point of discussion, one can more or less conclude when your phone will be getting the Android 12 update by analyzing announcements of different phone companies regarding the Android 12 OS.

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It is known that when Google officially launches the Android 12 OS, Pixel devices will be the first to receive this latest upgrade along with Android one partners. Other phone brands like Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others who participated in the Android 12 beta programs also got the updated notice soon. Moreover, in connection to the Android 12 official release, OnePlus also plans to launch its own Oxygen OS 12. Talking about Samsung, it has already rolled out its One UI 4.0 beta program for its Galaxy S21 series phones first. To avail of this opportunity, Samsung users just need to sign up for the Samsung Members app. Then, one can download this latest OS 12 update and get an enhanced user experience.
Nonetheless, Google has also announced that other phone companies, including OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Tecno, Realme, Vivo, and Xiaomi, will sooner or later get their Android 12 update later this year itself. Thus, other Android phone users just need to be a bit more patient with this latest Android operating system upgrade.

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