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How To Plan The Best Birthday Surprises

Birthday Surprises

Birthday Surprises are the one day out of the entire year where your loved ones go above and beyond to make you feel special and loved. The entire day is dedicated to you. But when it comes to the birthday of your loved ones, it’s up to you to make them the happiest on that day. Responsibility increases when it is about your best friend or partner. And if you are trying to find the best way to give a birthday surprise to them, then you’re in the right place. Start off by sending them flowers with online flower delivery in mumbai.

Write a letter

There are hundreds of Birthday Surprises cards available in the market, but writing a personalized letter for them is much more valuable to the birthday person. Include some special moments of you two together in the letter to give it a more emotional touch or describe their importance on your life. If you two live in the same house, you can place it beside their bed so that your letter is the first thing they read in the morning. And if it is your partner, order roses online India to give with the letter.

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Plan their day with fun activities

If the person is your best friend, you would know all about their hobbies and favorites. Now keeping this in mind, plan their entire day with fun activities. For example, if they love to skate, take them to a skating rink, and their favorite restaurant for lunch. You can also ask their close friends and family to join you two. Don’t tell the birthday person your plan so that each time you take them to a place, it would be like a mini-surprise to them.

Bake them a cake

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a veteran baker, baking a cake by your own speaks more volume rather than buying it at a store. Even if you make a simple chocolate cake, all that counts is the time and effort you have put behind it. In fact, the birthday person will appreciate it more if you are a beginner baker but still attempted to make one for them. However, if you are an expert, try baking themed cakes as they don’t only look appealing from the outside but also taste delicious.

bake a cake.jpg

Make a birthday video

A birthday becomes special when the birthday person gets to spend it with their close friends and family. However, it doesn’t happen when they live far away from them. But you can still make the day special for them with a birthday video message. Ask all of their close friends, family, and loved ones to record a small yet sweet birthday message for the person. Then, collect all of the videos, and edit it into one complete birthday video to send it to them. Also, send them a flower bouquet from the best online flower delivery in gurgaon with the video to make their day.

Host surprise dinner

If the Birthday Surprises is not into huge surprise parties, then this the best alternative option. You can take them to their favorite restaurant, where only their close friends and family will be there. It is a small yet great way to surprise the person. You can also host it at their home or go for a potluck dinner where the guests will make something favorite to the person at their respective homes, and bring it to the designated place.

Decorate their house

It can be a traditional way to surprise someone, but it still has its essence at this time. Buy flowers online to decorate their home with colorful flowers and balloons without them knowing. Instead of the entire house, you can also decorate their bedroom if you are behind time. In this way, they would wake up to a beautifully adorned room.  If it is your friend’s birthday, you can wake them up by using a birthday popper in their room.

decorate their house.jpg

Take them on a road trip

Everyone loves to spend a day or two away from the busy schedule of their life, which is why it would make one of the best birthday gifts. Arrange it in a way so that it doesn’t come in between their work or your work. If possible, birthday Surprises you can always do it on weekends. If it is someone among your friend squad, grab the other members, and hit the road. Keep the location a surprise from the birthday girl/ boy, and choose a peaceful location.

road trip.jpg

No matter which idea you decide to go for, remember that it is their special day, not yours, so everything should be done considering how they would like it.

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