How to Organize Your Luggage When You Travel

When people travel, one important thing they think about is packing their stuff. If you are planning a long trip, you would need to pack a lot of your personal stuff. Your clothes, personal care essentials, and first-aid kit are just some of the things you need to pack. 

If you will be on a business trip, you will need to bring important documents. Soft copies might be available, but there are details you need to secure using a hard copy. This is just another factor you have to consider. Therefore, it is essential to keep your luggage organized. Grouping things with similar uses is a great way to arrange your stuff.

There are still other ways you can do to keep your travel essentials neat. To know what these are, read on!

1. Create a List of the Things You Will Pack

The best way to start packing your things neatly is to know what you will include in your luggage. This way, you can create a better plan of how you will arrange your stuff. It helps lower the chance of forgetting things. 

To create your plan, make a list of the things you will pack. Ensure to make it detailed as much as possible. For example, you will list down your clothes. Specify which types of clothes you will include, so you can group them accordingly. You can organize them based on color if that works better for you.

2. Keep Important Documents in a Plastic Envelope


As mentioned earlier, you should keep important documents in one place. Store them in a plastic envelope, so they won’t get wrinkled. The plastic envelope can also protect your documents in case there are spills from your perfume or lotion. 

Place the envelope at the bottom of your luggage. This way, it stays flat as you start piling your clothes up, preventing wrinkling. You can also place the envelope in your luggage’s big pocket if available. The pocket can keep it in place whatever happens. 

3. Store Liquid- or Cream-Based Products in a Glass Bottle

Lotion, perfume, and creams are some of the products you need to store in an airtight container. These products can get messy in your luggage if they spill. It can stain your clothes and your other stuff. 

The best way to store them is using glass bottles. Manufacturers of these bottles design them with airtight seals or lids. Using glass bottles can also save space in your luggage. You don’t have to bring the huge containers of your products as you travel.

If you have empty glass bottles at home, you can use them to store creams, perfume, or lotion. Otherwise, you can purchase glass bottles from trusted manufacturers like Roetell. They have been in the industry for decades now and are serving a lot of clients. They also offer glass bottles in different styles and designs that fit your preference. Check out these Roetell bottles to help you choose from their products to help improve on your storage.

4. Roll Your Clohes

Your clothes are the most dominant stuff in your luggage. So, you need to organize them the best way you can to save space. What you can do is roll them rather than folding them. Arrange them in columns or rows. 

You can also organize them by color or similar use. This way, it’s easy for you to grab them when you need them. Make sure to avoid rolling them tightly as they may wrinkle. Your jeans can stay folded as they are difficult and bulky to roll. 

5. Keep Cords in Luggage Pockets or a Plastic Bag


Smartphone chargers and earphones can get in the way if you don’t keep them properly. They get tangled easily with other stuff, which is extremely inconvenient. To avoid this, roll each cord neatly and wrap it with a twist tie. Place the cords in your luggage’s pockets or keep them together in a plastic bag.  

You can also label them individually for easy identification. This is especially true if you have multiple chargers for various types of phones. You can use Washi tapes in different designs to label the cords. Write the label on the tape and wrap it around the cord like a flag. 

6. Utilize Packing Cubes

Dividing your things is key to organizing your stuff. One effective way to group them is through their uses, as mentioned earlier. You can also divide them based on sizes. Make sure to separate each group using packing cubes. These containers can compress your clothes, which helps save space. It is also helpful to use packing cubes in different colors, so you can quickly identify the things in them.

7. Choose the Soft Version for Books

If you love reading, including books in your luggage consumes much space. So, it would be best to leave them when you travel. However, reading the hard version of books is not the only way to check your favorite stories. With the help of the Internet and gadgets, you can read your favorite books anytime. E-book is extremely popular right now. You can download your favorite books before travelling to read them offline.

8. Re-check Your Things Using the Packing List You Created


Use the list you created for the things you should pack to re-check everything. It serves as your guide for your packing activity. Mark each item with check if you already packed it. This is also an opportunity to remember the things you haven’t listed yet. Aside from that, it is a way of evaluating the less important items as well. You can rethink if you really need them during your trip. If not, it might be best to leave them to save more luggage space.   


Organizing your luggage might sound simple, but it requires proper planning. Start with creating a list for the things you will pack, so you will have a guide on what to do. You don’t have to do the packing in one go though: pack your things a few days before your trip, so you do not forget the essentials Enjoy your trip!    

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