How To Move A 600 Lb Gun Safe

The people who own a gun are required to follow certain rules regarding carefully storing the gun. As keeping gun in your possession is legally regulated and attracts penalties under laws if the gun is not stored properly, the best place to store your gun is inside a biometric gun safe. A Biometric gun safe ensures that the gun stays out of the hands of bad people. These gun safes are locked either through a combination or a digital lock. You should also have a key to open the lock in an emergency situation. You should follow some steps if you need to move your gun safe weighing 600 lb to your house or from one place to another.

Hire Somebody Who Specializes In Moving Big Safes

In the event that you wish to move your heavy biometric gun safe weighing 600 lb to your house or from one place in a house to another, you can hire the services of a people who specialize in moving big safes. There are people who can help in getting your gun safe inside your house carefully as these gun safes are heavy and you will not be able to move it by yourself. The delivery place from where you have ordered the gun safe will send delivery guys along with the safe who will deliver it to your house. They can be asked to move the gun safe inside the house for which they will take some extra payment. This option for moving the big safe is worth considering as it will save you a lot of trouble of getting the safe inside the house.

Gather Friends To Help You In Moving The Safe

If you do not want to take the help of delivery guys and wish to move the heavy safe yourself, you can gather 5 friends and ask them to help you. Firstly, you need to decide exactly where you wish to keep the safe inside your house. For this, you have to first assess the dimensions of the safe so that the safe can fit properly in the place where you choose to keep it. You can see this information from the product details mentioned on the safe. Secondly, you have to choose the path which you will take while carrying the safe inside the house. You should see whether there are any gaps or stairs in the path that you will take and whether you need to move some household items or furniture out of the route that you will take. You should sort out all these things before carrying the safe inside. You and your friends should wear proper safety gear and clothes before starting out the heavy task. You should try to make the safe as light as possible by not putting anything inside it so that it becomes slightly easy to carry it. You can also use a furniture dolly which is generally used to move heavy furniture. The safe can be put over the dolly and the dolly will slide the safe inside as it has wheels to carry heavy stuff without much hassle. 


The above ways will help you in properly placing your gun safe inside your house and putting it to use. The gun safe will keep your gun out of other people’s hands and hopefully, due to this, you will be able to avoid unwanted trouble.

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