How to Motivate Yourself To Stay Fit?

Motivation is a psychophysiological process that manifests as a desire or need and encourages or compels a person to act, sometimes-forcing decisions on lack of action. Motivate Yourself Sports motivation is part of sports psychology. It helps professional athletes achieve the highest results. In another aspect, it is a kind of ‘psychological armpit’ that initially helps and then does not abandon the choice of sports.

Set your Goals

Why do people start doing certain sports? Its formation is a target influenced by gender, age, natural physical information, health status, human environment, financial capabilities, sports infrastructure and (and even!) current mass and sport policies.

The list of motivations for sports is quite broad. His impulses include:

  • To be a master
  • Acquire the necessary skills
  • Possesses a beautiful body
  • Improvement or improvement of physical performance
  • Overcoming psychological complexes
  • Prevent, remove or repair disease or injury
  • Managing a healthy lifestyle (HLS), living longer and better
  • To be a trend and respond to fashion trends
  • Expand your social circle

These objectives are not isolated and are usually presented in combinations. In addition, most of them have unconscious power – increased self-esteem. Moreover, sports really improve that.

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What kind of sport do you like?

What is the best motivation for sports? As can be seen above, it is the best and simply does not exist. However, almost every motivation leads to success, if laziness and bad habits disappear to reach the determined and conscious goal, one or more sports are adequately selected and an experienced coach (coach) leads or advises courses.

If something like worries of injuries become a fear for you. Go watch stuff like how to wrap sprained ankles or how to recover from minor or major injuries to learn the process before you go about experiencing it.

Use the principle when choosing the type of physical activity: the goal determines the means. For example:

  1. Do you need muscle relief? In addition to gymnastics and exercise in the gym, you do not want to be led by a trained instructor, but you have to drive and change your eating behavior.
  2. It is necessary to lose weight, but you cannot. Does the weight jump constantly? Seek a good fitness instructor and a certified nutritionist with positive oral speeches.
  3. Irresistible heart, sore feet? Start with a regular walk and then run with the Scandinavian poles. Make sure you limit your salt intake and normalize your drinking balance.

We choose the training time-period?

If you can choose working hours in the gym and plan individual training on the street or at home, consider the following recommendations:

  • Before breakfast you should run to lose weight and exercise in the afternoon or evening
  • The bending and development flexibility is preferably performed from 11am to 2pm
  • Fitness and power consumption are best done between 4pm and 8pm
  • With the right nutrition you can shake the mass best in the morning and afternoon, but in the evening
  • You can dry your muscles “from morning to night”, the most important thing is to know how to do it
  • The leisure bike load should be between 4pm and 6pm
  • Yoga and oriental gymnastics offer more benefits with sunrise and sunset

Motivation for girls

Most young and young women start exercising:

  • Possess a slim, sporty character
  • Cleansing the body after birth
  • They look stylish, maintain the beauty of their body shapes and pride themselves on social networks
  • To be inclined
  • Get rid of the complex
  • Meets admiration and admiration needs
  • Meet the men who observe themselves
  • Spend money on sports shopping

Except for the last point, all points seem to be important and significant. However, there is a “but”. Psychologists have shown that the mentioned sports motivations, including the desire of girls to lose weight, have the opposite effect in most cases.

Remember that success only involves a person who has a motivational attitude that is not related to voluntary or involuntary sports, emotional needs and external knowledge. Do not fight yourself, “walk in a vicious circle” and “hit the fish like a fish”. Accept yourself as it is and love it. Then, after a while, laziness disappears, it will appear, and everything will definitely start

Movies about sports and motivation

Motivational materials: books, audiobooks, feature films (by the way, we suggest ten motivational films about sports) – it affects everyone. Documentary films about big athletes and motivational films about sports have been interesting since childhood. However, we do not recommend watching sports series for adults or children. There is absolutely no reliable information.

Comics for young children can be created accordingly: Want to be as powerful as Optimus Prime? Then start with a daily charge!

Final Words

The dream is realized only when the idea is translated into concrete actions to achieve it. So you have to be disappointed and try to do at least once what you cannot afford. It eliminates complicated “restrictions” and suggests the path to success. Avoid communicating with people who do not believe in reality or believe in achieving your goal. Don’t look for excuses: if you really want to, there’s always time to heal!

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