How to Measure a Tennis Racquet?

This article takes into account various methods to measure the grip size along with the ways to resolve the issues of in-between grip size.

Do you often measure the grip size of a tennis racquet before buying it? Most buyers overlook this part and are often encountered with discomfort while playing. Tennis racquet grip size is extremely important as it affects the player’s performance to a great extent.

Moreover, a larger grip makes it difficult to swing the racquet, while a small grip requires a lot of strength to deliver a perfect shot. Therefore, measuring the grip size before purchasing a new product is a fundamental process. This article takes into account various methods to measure the grip size along with the ways to resolve the issues of in-between grip size.

How to Measure a Tennis Racquet Grip Size?

As mentioned earlier right tennis grip size is a crucial component of a player’s life as it impacts performance to a huge extent. Continuous use of racquet with incorrect grip size not only affects efficiency but also leads to serious health concerns. A large grip requires a lot of effort to generate excellent results and therefore, leads to elbow issues in the long term.

Likewise, a smaller grip makes it difficult to twist and leads to elbow issues as well. Hence, measuring a racquet grip is essential for a good performance along with a healthy lifestyle. There are two basic ways to measure your grip size. Both methods are easier and effective and are mentioned below.

Method #1; Measuring with a Racquet

The first and foremost method is to use a racquet to measure the grip size. Pick up a racquet and place your palm against the string in such a way that both the palm and string face the same side or angle. This type of grip is known as the eastern forehand grip. Now, check whether you are able to adjust the finger of your other hand between the ring finger and the palm of the first hand.

If you observe a lot of empty space between the finger of one and the palm of the other hand, this indicates that the grip of your racquet is too large. Similarly, if there is very little space to fit in the finger the grip is too small. For a perfect grip, the finger should adjust perfectly in the spot.

Method # 2; Measuring with a Ruler

Another method to measure the grip size of a tennis racquet is to use a ruler for the desired purpose. This is especially useful when you do not have a racquet available around you. In addition to this, ruler methods can also be utilized before buying the racquet for the first time. Therefore, enhancing the chances of choosing the right product.

In order to do so, open your hand and extend your fingers but make sure to keep them close to each other. Now, pick up a ruler and align it with your hand in a way that the ruler starts with the lower end of your palm and moves upwards towards the fingers. Mark the reading the ruler shows towards the tip of your finger. Compare the readings to the grip size chart to identify your grip size.

In Between Grip Sizes

There are a large number of grip sizes ranging from size 4 to 4 ¾ according to the United States size chart while European size charts have values ranging between 0 to 6. Mostly female users have a grip size around 1 to 3, while male users have a grip size around 3 to 5. However, apart from gender, grip size is mostly dependent on the size of the hand.

Although average women have smaller hands so their grip size is small. But if your hand size is larger than the average population, the grip size will also be different from others. Hence, often consumers face issues such as in-between grip sizes. Moreover, it is difficult to reduce the handles of most racquets, and therefore, consumers themselves need to increase their grip size.

Apart from this, the problem can also be resolved by using a smaller grip size and adding an overgrip to it to increase the size of the grip and therefore making it easier for you to hold the tool. Tennis Overgrip has been characterized by increasing the grip size to around 1/6 inches. In addition to this, another useful method to solve the problem of in-between grip size is to use a heat shrink sleeve.

This approach is as efficient as the previous ones and is associated with amplifying the grip size to around 1/8 inches. Furthermore, both methods do not impact the performance of the product or add extra weight to it. Therefore, maintaining the lightweight nature of the tool makes it easier for players to control their moves while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average grip size for a tennis racquet?

The most common grip size for tennis racquet is 4-3/8 However if you are an Asian woman you might have a bit smaller grip size like 4 ¼ or 4 ⅛.

What grip size do tennis pros use?

Most expert males use grip sizes around 4-3/8 inches while female experts use grip sizes around 4 ¼ inches.

How does grip size affect tennis?

Grip size has a huge impact on the performance of the tennis racquet. A large grip requires more effort to produce good results while a smaller grip makes it difficult to swing the tool. Hence, leading to performance and health problems especially in regular players.

Summing Up

There is a growing shift towards modern lightweight tennis racquets. However, while purchasing a new product, it becomes extremely important to measure one’s grip size especially if you are a senior player (45+). This not only ensures comfort for the user but also enhances the performance of the tool. There are two common methods of measuring the tennis racquet grip size that include the use of a racquet and ruler respectively.

Although most people face the issue regarding the in-between grip size, they can resolve the problem by increasing the grip size using the overgrip or heat shrink sleeve. Both approaches resolve the issues associated with the grip size while keeping the weight of the product into consideration.

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