How to match your outfits with your daughter’s

Is there anything cuter than kids’ clothes? Check out some tips to create matching outfits with your girl

When we think about girls’ clothes, many may think about the pink color, ribbon bows, ruffles and flowers. Although these details are extremely cute and delicate, it is not necessary to use all of them to create a beautiful outfit. Many girls’ looks are cool and fashionable with some basic garments, such as jeans pants, white t-shirts and basic sneakers. You can easily buy girls dresses from Canada.

With some basic clothes in their closets, it is possible not only to create lots of stylish outfits but also to combine garments to make matching outfits for mother and daughter. Thinking about women fashion, there are several options for matching looks that mothers and children can do. Want to create matching outfits but don’t know how? Check out some tips in the text below.

Matching colors

To create matching outfits with your girl, one of the options is to use the same colors in both looks. You can use basic garments, without prints, or bet on different patterns, but in the same color. The idea is to create an intersection point that will make people look at both outfits and recognize the resemblance.

Neutral colors are the most common color combination, mixing black and white, white and jeans, black and beige, and others. Therefore, you both can use a black t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, for example. However, it is possible to combine many colors, keeping both of you with the same ones; pink and red or lavender and yellow, for example, are fun and cool combinations.

Matching prints

Are you and your baby girl fans of patterned clothes? This option is perfect for you! You both can bet on the same pattern, both in the same colors and in different tones. The intersection feature in this case will be the pattern. Flowers dresses, animal print skirts, checkered pants and many others will make your outfits match perfectly.

If it is hard to find both the garments in the same pattern and color, how about choosing the same print in different colors or tones? Pink and white leopard print for one and traditional leopard print for another; or black and red chess for mother and black and yellow chess for daughter. Super stylish!

Color palette

Color shades are diverse. There are warm and cold colors, bright and opaque, light and dark shades… Therefore, when we talk about matching palettes, that means you and your daughter can both bet on earthy colors outfits, for example, or candy color dresses. This option is easier, once you do not have to match the garments exactly.

To create these similar looks, bet on similar dresses or overalls; these clothes are easier to combine, once they make a one-piece outfit.


Monochrome is the moment. Creating a whole outfit with only one color is easier than combining different shades, and will make it easier to get matching outfits for you and your baby girl. All-black or all-white looks are the most common options, but you can also make monochromatic blue, pink, purple, yellow or green outfits, according to the garments present in your wardrobe.

Matching set

Last, but not least, the sets became super trendy in the last seasons and will probably stay in fashion in the next ones. Especially for kids, the clothing sets are great options, since they save time at the moment you need to decide what to wear. For both of you, how about matching pink sets with a crop top and pants? Or a green t-shirt and shorts set? These combinations are not only stylish and easy to wear but also improve the outfits possibilities, once you can also use each garment separately with other clothes of your wardrobe. Cool, practical and economic!

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