How To Make Your Personal Movie Watchlist: Expert’s Recommendation


A movie list is helpful if you want to track what you want to watch and when you want to watch it. But, of course, you can always download movies from pirate bay and start watching one right away. If you want to know more about the site, click here

However, watching movies randomly won’t make your evening. If you want a good movie marathon, make sure you watch one from a specific category and move on to the next one. 

You can even pick the trilogies or choose a movie with several parts like Fast and Furious or Avengers. That’s why, in this article, we will guide you on how to make your personal movie watchlist. 

Things To Consider While Making A Personal Movie Watchlist

Before we tell you the sites you can use to download movies, there are a few things to consider. Let’s find them out:

1: Genre Of The Movie

Once you are all set to make a movie watchlist, you must select the genre of the movie. For example, you may want to watch action movies, romantic ones, or some thriller, so choose a movie combination accordingly. 

2: Movie Buddy

If you are planning to watch the movie with your family, you have to select age-appropriate ones for everyone. If you are watching it with your partner, make sure you consider their preferences as well; otherwise, they will be bored on movie night.

3: Recent Release Or Old Classics

Do you want to reminisce over the good, old movies, or do you want to watch the recent releases that are piled up long on your mind? Whichever option you choose, make sure you choose them in chronological order to avoid losing track of the list.

4: Occasion

If you plan to make the watchlist for an occasion, make sure the movies match the event’s theme. For example, if it’s a Halloween movie night, you can select some horror and thrillers. On the other hand, some romantic comedies will do the job if it’s Valentine’s night.

Make Your Watchlist From These Movie Sites

Do you know what things you must consider before making a movie watchlist? We bet you do. Now, let’s find out the sites you can download the movies from:

1: IMDb

We know what you are thinking.  

You check IMDb for movie ratings, but you can even make a watchlist from here once you do that. 

Just create your account, and once you are inside, just take advantage of the site’s massive database to download any movies you want. You can even sort them into categories and tag them with your own notes and bookmark so that you can find them easily while you sit to watch. 

2: JustWatch

JustWatch is a fun and interactive movie-watching platform that keeps track of your watchlist from Amazon Prime, Netflix, iTunes, and so on. 

You simply have to use the search bar, the tiled posters, and the distinct icons of the streaming platforms. Now, you can add a movie or a TV show to your personal watchlist directly from there.

3: Letterboxd

Have you ever kept a diary of the movies you want to watch? 

Well, Letterboxd has got you covered. This neat social site works like a diary to keep a logbook of your movie watchlist. You can simply mark the movies you’ve watched so far or the ones you want to watch in the future.

When you rate a movie out of five stars, you even get to have a conversation with the community there. Thus, you can even compile your list of films and share them with your friends.

4: Trakt.tv

This website can tell you when your preferred movie will come on the site. You can even set up notifications beforehand if you use the paid version.

However, you can find out which movie is trending on which site and make a watchlist from there. The site also recommends films and TV shows on its own, and you can take their suggestions as well. 

5: Reelgood

Reelgood is one of the best sites to watch movies because it lets you find trending movies from more than 60 streaming services. From famous sites like Prime and Netflix to niche platforms like Mubi and Ameba-you can watch everything here.

Once you search for the movie titles, you can sort them according to year, genre, categories. You can even access the Reelgood score to find out which movies are worth watching.

6: Flickchart

This movie downloading website makes the watchlist-making process more fun. It can show you posters of two movies at the same time. You can click on one of them or both of them, and they will play accordingly.

There is a dropdown filter on this site that lets you make the watchlist customized. Your user profile list will even rank the movies you haven’t watched yet.

7: iCheckMovies

This site is more about keeping a score of the movies you’ve watched and less about recommending the new films. 

The movie list comes from top sites like IMDb, so that you can trust their opinion. Once you find a movie you’ve already seen, check it off your personal list, and move on to the next one. 


Now, you know how to make your personal movie watchlist. Once you cover this list, you can simply move on to the next phase and actually download some movies to watch with your family or friends on the next movie night. For further assistance, ping us in the comment box. 

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