How to Make the Best of your Quarantine? – Improve Your Home!

As we are all facing the coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to stay at home as a family. We now have to do just about everything at home. We no longer have to go to places to work.

Because of that, we can’t help but think of so many things to do to kill time, aside from binge-watching our favorite series, or check on our social media accounts. 

However, now is the best time for you to start on those home projects that you have been planning to do the entire year. They don’t need to be very big, but those little changes and improvements that you are doing for your home can really make a big difference. 


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Here are easy home projects that you can do while you are staying at home:

Do some cleanup. You can start with simple things such as cleaning under your bed.  You can use a vacuum cleaner to reach the areas that you cannot clean with your hands. You will also be surprised at the things that you will find there.

Next, you can clean your bathroom drawers. Put away those empty toothpaste tubes and spilled makeup and more. Once you have removed them and removed the drawers of the stains and gunk, you can now reorganize what is left.

Organize. There are a lot of things that you can and should organize at your house. However, you can start working on your messy closets. Take all the clothes and everything out of the closet and try to put away whatever is not needed. Once done, you can sort out the clothes based on how you are going to use them – say, from your most-used to the least-used pieces.

You can also work on the doorway and other areas you normally walk around at. Organize your shoe boxes and other tools and put them to the side. You can place other materials above your eyesight by hanging them. 

It is also important that you label your supplies especially the boxes that you are using for your newly sorted items.

Update your walls. You can straighten or redo your wall decorations and other things that you hang on it. Check the entire house and see which walls need some fixing. 

You can do a quick repainting project with a few cans of paint. Make sure it matches your current wall color. 

Next, you can improve those photo frames. Replace the outdated images except for those that you find nostalgic. 

Lastly, you can add more decorations to your wall. Bring out your personalized modern industrial wall art and hang them where your social media friends and colleagues at work can see them when you are on a zoom session. 

Check your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used areas in your house. This is also one of the dirtiest places that you use on a daily basis. 

You can clean the area where you keep your liquor or spice. Throw away the almost empty bottles that are not being used for months and replenish your supplies. You can clean your chopping boards and other cooking utensils. Disinfect your chopping boards and moisturize them to prevent warping or cracking. 

Finally, you can clean those small kitchen appliances. Wipe the stains from your coffee maker, your microwave oven, and your stove.

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