How to make a homemade hoverboard?

The new hoverboards are the most modern equipment on the market that impact the young population. With its colors and all the details, this team has managed to cause a great impact on the technology it has. Since they were manufactured the first time a few years ago, they have not stopped their sales. And it is that with their extensive technological innovations, they continue to captivate people of even all kinds of ages.

Now, when it comes to having an incredible cheap hoverboards under $100 at our disposal, the possibilities of acquiring them are endless. On the one hand, we can buy them in our favorite store, on the other hand, we can make one. The first, without a doubt, the one that best suits people and that due to comfort. However, the second option has worked for other people who have decided to make a homemade hoverboard.

This option is not as simple as we really would like. It takes the appropriate and correct tools and materials to carry out this process and has good results.

The steps to make a homemade hoverboard:

  1. We must have at our disposal a PVC pipe frame. That will serve to keep the motor in the proper position. And the correct thing is to have the following pieces: 4 pieces of “T” tube, four tubes of 90 degrees, and four straight tubes respectively 7 cm and 2 cm long. Now we must join all the pieces so that we get a rectangular shape in the frame. And then drill 4 10mm through holes in one corner of the elbow.
  2. Now touch the wooden part, take the wooden sheets and turn this piece into a piece of approximately 45 cm x 20 cm and it is correct that it be helped with a saw to have better precision. Keep in mind that this wood should be light but hard enough not to break.
  3. It is now time to join the PVC frame and the wood we had previously made. To do it is necessary to make four holes in the wood to place the frame on it, and then we drill it with a precision of 10 mm with a nut and a screw.
  4. It is now time to have the engine. The best thing is to have a 12V DC motor (2 NOS) with 10 rpm. It is convenient to clarify that if we choose a higher rpm motor, the Hoverboard will not support the weight, and we must be careful to mount the motor, and then we must perform a Adjust tight so that it does not turn off. And we make two adjustments and with Clamp and another with Glue. First, put the motor in the frame, tighten it with a screw and a nut, and then put glue and join it to the motor to better grip the PVC.
  5. Now comes the work on the tires, and it will be done separately. Two holes should be made in the wood so that we can press the ignition with the foot. And now it’s the balance work. We must make our Hoverboard have balance, and for that, two wheels with 360-degree rotation will be added on both sides of the frame.
  6. And now we add a tire so that the Hoverboard has movement, and for this, we cannot make an adjustment and then put these tires on the motor shaft. To finish with the wiring, we need 12v cables connected to the equipment in a circuit way, and that’s it. You must wait for the glue to dry and start the engine to have a homemade Hoverboard. Check for more details and the latest hoverboard reviews.

Hoverboards are the best equipment for anyone

And if this type of game is not being used for children, it is intended for a larger audience, perhaps an adult audience. The convenient thing is that it meets all the requirements and demands people make of their teams, since rather than seeing it as a game to pass the time, people see it as a means of transport and something much more formal.

Because it is the team of the moment, everyone wants to have one. Men, women, and children want to buy a hoverboard. And since we must have it as soon as possible, many believe it is appropriate to buy it while others seek to assemble and build it from home. The truth is that whatever choice you decide to make, this fun team must give you security in its performance.

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