How to Make a Cool Glass Sculpture That’s Really a Bong or a Pipe

It’s crucial in construction, appliances, automobiles, art, accessories, and many other applications. It’s hard to imagine a world without glass. But today, we’re going to talk about making glass pipes and bongs.

Most of the glass we see is produced on a major industrial scale. However, artisanal glassblowers continue to produce one of a kind works of art. 

Have you ever seen a glass sculpture than was actually a secret bong? Now, that’s getting high in style! Read ahead to learn more

The Art of Glassblowing

The first glassblowers lived around modern-day Syria during the 1st century. It was spread through commerce and conquest to Europe and Northern Africa. 

It is still both a popular art form and some people learn it as a hobby.

Whatever your level of experience, here are some pointers to consider.


Before you begin making sneaky weed paraphernalia, you need to get a few things ready. 

Glassblowing requires certain tools and a place to do it. Of course, it should never be done without serious precautions. This requires working with fire and heavy machinery.

Once you’re ready to safely begin, you can cut the glass tubes to size using a ring saw. The length and diameter of the tubes vary depending on the project.

‘Fuming’ the Glass

Color changing glass is one of the most sought out attributes for pipes and bongs. It looks cool and allows coloring the glass.

To do this, you will likely add 24k gold or .999 fine silver to the glass. 

The metal of choice is heating until vaporized. You coat the glass tube by passing it through the vapor stream. Then, you can add colors if desired.

Creating the Shape

This is where the magic is. A glassblower uses their ‘breath’ to shape the bowl and add the holes. 

In essence, glass smoking pipes are tubes that have a mouthpiece a ‘bowl’ for the herb. An additional small hole near the bowl, known as a carburetor, is very helpful. Bongs consist of two or more interlocking pieces.

Aside from that they can really any shape you desire. Some artsy glass pipes are more practical than others. But feel free to express yourself with your bong art.

Decorations and Accessories

That is the minimum to have a smokable piece. But if you want to make truly beautiful glass pipes, like one of these unique bongs for sale, you might want to add a few touches. 

Before it cools, a glass pipe artist adds decorative details. It could be a type of engraving, orbs, fox ears, or really anything else you can think of.

Aside from being an artistic glass piece, functionality is important. Accessories such as ice catchers help the experience.

Glass Sculpture, Bong, or Both?

The world of glassblowing is a welcoming one. However, there are dangers so it takes time before you’ll be able to create a glass sculpture you can proudly display on a mantle.  

If you are new but want to learn. The best way is to take a course and/or become an apprentice. Be safe and have fun.

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