How to Land a Job Straight Out of College

Did you know that 70% of college grads think their college experience helped them land a job? If graduation is right around the corner for you, trust that you can turn those long hours of studying into a good career path. But knowing where to start can be challenging when you’re almost a college grad.

Read on to learn how to land a job straight out of college!

Pursue Internships in College

Make the most of your time in college to land a job after college. If you’re a biology major, for instance, take advantage of research opportunities. You could assist faculty members with lab-based projects during the academic year.

Or if you’re an accounting major, pursue an internship that’s set up through your college for credit. You could spend several hours at a local accounting firm each week, for instance. You’ll build your skills and be able to show you can be in a professional work environment.

And when you’re almost a college graduate, tap into your college’s alumni network. You may be able to shadow people in your field or do informational interviews!

Create an Online Portfolio

Do you have a website? Whether you’re an aspiring graphic designer or business professional, it never hurts to have an online presence. On a website, you can share a portfolio of your design work or samples of your writing.

It’s easy to include a website URL on a business card or resume, too. And while you’re at it, set up a profile on LinkedIn and other professional networking sites in your field. Ask someone to take a classy headshot and help you write a succinct personal mission statement.

Practice Interviewing

Even if you think you’re a confident speaker, it never hurts to practice interviewing for a new job. Regardless of what industry you pursue, there are certain predictable questions that show up in an interview. Are you prepared to provide a one-minute snapshot of your life, or talk about your weaknesses?

Focus on making eye contact and speaking clearly. And come up with canned answers for questions about strengths and goals. 

Polish Your Application Materials

With most jobs, you’ll need to submit a resume and cover letter to be considered. If that’s new territory for you, turn to your campus career center for help. Or use a professional resume builder online that you can tailor to your needs.

Create a generic cover letter that you can modify for different jobs. State your interest in the position and provide examples of relevant experience. And try to contain the letter to one page — and have a trusted friend proofread it!

Get a Job as a New College Grad

Getting a job as a new college grad doesn’t have to be a headache — if you’re proactive. Take advantage of all internship or research opportunities when you’re in college. And make a point of networking and polishing your application materials.

Then you’ll be poised to land a job you love! Check back to find more articles that will make your job hunt successful. 

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