How to know you’re an Otaku?

 Mangago will help you find out if you’re just a frequent reader or an Otaku.

8 Signs That You’re An Otaku!

Manga is totally ingrained in Japanese culture. Manga dated back to the 12th century has helped millions of people cope with their emotions and let them be free in their own world. It’s why in the modern advanced world that we’re living in right now, Manga sites keep blowing up. Some websites are premium, freeware, and a combination of these two.

Although if you’re looking for a great free site where you can freely be yourself and create your own world in your head, Mangago is for you. Mangago does not only have an enormous set of Manga collections, but it’s also safe and reliable for everyone. Otakus enjoy it since they can explore different original sets of Manga written by aspiring Mangakas.

Speaking of Otakus, Mangago is happy to assist you in determining whether or not you are an Otaku.

8 warning indicators that you’re an Otaku!

1. You set aside a day to read Manga all night long.

If you can’t say no to late-night reading sessions, then you are one. And while you’re doing your own thing, you suddenly realize you are about to finish one chapter in one sitting. The sun is rising, and the tiny stash of cola you’ve stashed in the fridge is running low. So be it. Take a shower and go to sleep.

2. You probably wish that the universe works like that.

Because of what you’re currently dealing with at the moment, you wish that your world is just like the world of Lucy Heartfilia,  a young celestial wizard that befriended  Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer wizard. How cool would that be, right? But love, remember that everything passes by like those heartwarming summer nights with your friends and so your troubles.

3. You complain about the shortage of fan support.

The moment you’ve got this unique Mangaowl story that you love the most. Then when you talk about it with your friends, they don’t even know about it. Most Manga is now being hyped on Twitter or Facebook, and sometimes you can’t stop but complain about the lack of support for these hidden gems of Manga.

4. Whenever the latest chapter is released, you are ecstatic.

You always mark the calendar on the day a new chapter will be released, especially if it’s One Piece. You even stay awake sometimes.

5. You download the complete chapters available on the site, and you read it all at once.

Death Note was suggested to you by your classmate. Instead of reading manga only one chapter, you decide to download the 108 chapters. Your motto is to finish reading a complete Manga series if you can.

6. You buy at least one “dakimakura” back in the day.

From daki “to hug or cling” and makura “pillow,” dakimakura is a big pillow. It’s comparable to a Western orthopedic body pillow and is popular among teens in Japan as “security objects.” I also even saved up for one when I was still in junior high. LOL!

7. You printed your favorite character on a shirt.

You had your shirt printed with the favorite Manga character you love the most. And it’s got to be your go-to shirt since then.

8. You buy all the merchandise of your favorite Manga series.

You are always on the hunt to buy actions figures of your favorite characters and display them in your room. Just looking at your collections makes you happy. Sometimes you can’t even fathom you’re feeling of fulfillment.

To sum it all, an otaku is a typical guy who got engrossed in the Manga world, just like anybody else who got hooked up in shopping, partying, or even eating. We all have things that make us happy, and sometimes we are also addicted to them.

But keep in mind that too much is unhealthy for you. Set a reading limit and make time to relax and interact with your peers. It will undoubtedly make you feel good. And you may visit Mangago every week for new updates on your favorite Manga series.

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