How To Install A Garage Service Door: 3 Tips To Keep Things Simple!

Your garage door is a useful thing to have in your home – not only does it house your vehicle, keeping it from theft, damage, or inclement weather, but it’s also a very handy place for general storage.  

Sometimes, though it can be a tad inconvenient having to open the garage door fully just to quickly retrieve an item or two, or to enter and exit the garage quickly for some reason, especially in bad weather. So having a service door installed in your garage can be a useful and productive allocation of time and greatly add an element of convenience to your garage.

Having a service door installed in your garage is, however, a costly and labor-intensive process, in addition to the fact that both your time and money are precious commodities not to be wasted or taken for granted, meaning you want to ensure that whoever you hire to install it knows their job well, understands what your needs and requirements are, and is able to do the job in an effective and efficient manner.

To help aid you in this endeavor, we’ve compiled three hopefully useful tips that will give you a guide on what to look for, what to ask, and how to ensure as much as possible a painless and smooth process in getting your garage a nice new service door.

Ready?  Let’s go.

  1. I want a garage service door: where do I start?

Once you decide that you want and/or need a service door installed in your garage, the very first thing to do is start looking for a professional to hire in order to assess and then perform the task at hand. You would think that a building contractor would be the first port of call, but chances are most building contractors are under high demand and you may have a wait on your hands when once is available. The wisest choice would be going to a garage door services provider, most of whom have multiple mobile units on the go at any one time, so you should be able to get one quite quickly.

Phone round a few garage door companies and tell them what you want and what kind of budget you have for the task.  See what kind of rates they’re offering you, how local they are, and when the earliest time is that they can come out and assess your garage.

Don’t rush into picking a company and don’t just go for the cheaper option. Ensure the company you hire has good reviews, favorable rates, know exactly what is required of them and can provably achieve it, and will be able to start relatively soon.

If you need to take your time, do so… get it right… better prudence now than paying later!  Such a garage door service would be Up and Down Garage Doors, who pride themselves on delivering the highest standards at the lowest cost you’ll find anywhere!

  1. I’ve hired a company: what do I need to do?

Now you’ve hired a garage door replacement, repair, and installation service, and hopefully they’ve already assessed your garage, you’ve agreed on terms, and chosen your new door, what do you need to do before they start work?

It’s advisable to either clear your garage out in advance or to move everything back from where the installation will happen, ensuring you cover everything thoroughly, so it’s not covered in dust and cement from the service door being installed. Make sure as well that the technicians have lots of space to work, garages can be quite cramped spaces, so you need to give the garage door people a wide space in order to install your new door properly.

And don’t be afraid to ask questions either of the garage door installers; anything you can do to help them get started faster will make the whole process easier and as painless as possible.

  1. My door is getting installed: what do I need to know?

Hopefully, everything regarding the installation of your new garage service door is agreed upon and the day approaches for installation… is there any last-minute things you need to clear up before the new door is actually fitted?

If everything is sorted, hopefully all you’ll have to do is sit back and let the garage door repair, replacement, and installation service do their job, but just a couple of things to consider before that happens. Ensure there’s a good strong lintel above your new service door to support the brickwork if your garage is made from the latter; ensure your new door has a restrictor fitted so as to prevent the door from swing out past a 90-degree angle and slamming into the wall; and lastly, check with your garage door service provider about whether you can get a slow close door so the door won’t be constantly slamming shut and damaging the brickwork over time.

A good garage door service, like Up and Down Garage Doors, will advise you on all these matters, but mention them anyway.

If all these things are sorted, then allow the professionals to do their job and install your lovely new service door.

Garage door company recommendation.

There are many garage door services out there vying for your trade, but how can you tell which one is best for your needs?  

One of the most respected and best reviewed garage door services out there is Up and Down Garage Doors, who are one of the market leaders in the garage door industry, who have multiple mobile units on the go at any one time, and who pride themselves on delivering the very highest standard of garage door services at the very lowest prices you’ll find anywhere.

Our recommendation aside, whoever you choose,  we hope that we’ve offered some useful and constructive guides to helping you get a service door installed in your garage as easily and painlessly as possible.

Good luck!

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