How to Install a Condensation Collector on Instant Pot

If you even remotely enjoy the art of cooking, you must have either used or at least heard about the Instant Pot.

As one of the most popular kitchen accessories of modern times, the multicooker is highly sought after by home cooks of all types. In fact, it’s so popular that you can easily find Instant Pot cookbook recipes that are specifically designed for use with the appliance. 

With electronically controlled pressure cooking and slow cooking features, the multicooker is incredibly easy to use. It’s also quite simple to clean. With that being said, the appliance may seem a little tricky to maintain due to certain nuances.

One of these aspects is the installation of a condensation collector. 

What Does the Condensation Collector Do?

The condensation collector for Instant Pot does exactly what its name suggests. As a small plastic attachment, the collector is installed on the pot to collect excess moisture during cooking sessions. This way, any condensation created during use does not spill at the side of the pot or onto the surface where you keep your pot. 

The condensation collector comes with the Instant Pot box and needs to be installed before you use the multicooker. If you don’t install the collector, you can risk harming your appliance or its surroundings whenever you cook anything in it.

How Do You Install It on the Pot?

Fortunately, installing the condensation collector is just as easy as looking through Instant Pot cookbook recipes. As such, the process doesn’t require any special tools or skills. You just need to find the spot where the collector is supposed to go, and install it without any advanced requirements. It’s as simple as it seems. 

To make it even easier for you, here are the steps to installing a condensation collector on your Instant Pot.

  • Make sure the Instant Pot is switched off. This is for safety purposes only.
  • Find the condensation collector’s distinct handle on the side of the pot.
  • Make sure you are putting the internal side of the collector to the pot.
  • Adjust the collector’s top section against the designated handle.
  • Once the collector aligns, push it onto the handle. Make sure it isn’t loose. 
  • The collector should now be affixed to the pot and remain firm against it. 
  • Gently tug to see if the collector is loose. If yes, you may fix it.

That’s all that you need to do in order to fix the condensation collector on the pot. There’s no need for special glue, tools, or installation experts to handle the process for you. Still, if you are looking for the best and a safe instant pot or just a cheap instant pot, don’t shy away from the variety we have presented to you in our instant pot reviews in Australia.

Cleaning the Condensation Collector is Important

Since the condensation collector holds excess moisture within its plastic container, it is critical that you clean it from time to time. This makes sure that you don’t put your hygiene or health on the line. 

Thankfully, doing so is quite easy. You can simply tug the collector off of the Instant Pot and wash it under water. You can then put it back on the pot afterwards. 

By making sure that you are using this small yet nifty attachment, you can prolong the life of your Instant Pot while also keeping your countertops in pristine shape. 

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