How to Hit a Golf Ball 300 Yards

When it comes to scoring bragging rights in golf, hitting the ball 300 yards ranks right along the top. If you can do it more than once, you are bound to become a local legend at your club.

But there’s a reason why bagging a 300 yard drive comes with such distinction: It isn’t easy to achieve this feat. In order to pull off the move, you need to know the secret to the last detail.

From using the right technique to having a GX7 Driver, here’s how you can hit a golf ball 300 yards.  

It’s a Combination of Different Factors 

First things first, it’s important to note that getting a drive of this distance comes from an ideal combination of different factors. This includes overall physical strength, optimal equipment, and precise technique. 

Excelling at one department and faltering at another stops you from achieving the results you need. That’s why, you need to master all aspects at once in order to hit the ball with the required speed, force, and precision. 

Typically, a high handicapper can achieve this objective easier than other players. However, even a regular golfer can fulfill this goal if they approach it with the right information in mind.

The following factors can help you along the way.


The first thing you need to do is to hit the ball with enough force. This often calls for a clubspeed of over 110 mph. The higher the speed, the better chances you have of hitting a 300 yard drive. 

Ball Speed

In addition to your swing speed, how well you hit the ball also matters. This is also where physical strength as well as technique comes into play. In order to get a 300 yard drive, you usually need a ball speed above 160mph.

Spin Rate

You also need to hit your ball the right way in order to get an optimal spin rate. This ensures that your ball is actually going to complete the distance you want. For a 300 yard drive, you typically need a spin range of 2900-1900 RPM or lower. 


Having the right driver is perhaps one of the most critical factors in helping you achieve your lengthy drive. A GX7 driver works wonders to boost your strength, speed, and precision. With its easy accessibility and ideal handling, you can get the most out of your swing.

Practice Makes Perfect, But Also Needs Some Time

Even if you are a high handicapper, it’s not going to be easy to have a 300 yard drive at the first try. But if you focus on putting your strength in the swing, hit the ball at the right angle, and put optimal pressure upon contact, you can achieve your objective without any hurdles. 

You are still going to require some time with it, especially if your usual swing speed is below 90 mph. With that being said, practicing with the right equipment such as a good driver will help you get the required swing and clubspeed in a timely manner. 

It is also important to note that this particular approach to practice doesn’t refer to getting a few drives over a single day. Unless you want to be a one-hit wonder at your club, you need consistent practice over a few games. This makes sure that you can perfect your game and hit 300 yard drives at will.

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