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How to Get the Best Necklace and Earring Set for Weddings

Of the many considerations and items to tick off your to-do list as your wedding day approaches, choosing a jewelry set should be up there. Your wedding jewelry set is expected to sparkle and radiate love not just on the day of the wedding, but in your wedding pictures as well. Plus, your wedding jewels will get lots of attention on the big day as it makes up part of your entire ensemble.

That’s why you need to ensure that you select only the finest jewels from the wide variety of necklace and earring sets for weddings. Keep in mind that as your relationship ages over the years, so too will your jewelry set age like fine wine.

Here are some of the things that you ought to consider when purchasing the necklace and earring set of your dreams:

Search Only for Fine Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for wedding jewelry as a treat for renewing your vows after years of being intertwined in a web of love, or the set is going to seal the deal and symbolize the beginning of a bond, you need to seek out and find the finest jewelry. As such, you should look for jewelry made from only the most precious metals and stones.

In fact, if you want your jewelry to really make a statement, you must ensure that you select only the finest jewelry. There is a slight line that separates the cheaper fashion jewels from the pricier classical pieces. While fashion jewels will receive compliments on the day, these jewelry pieces tend to lose value and core essence after a while.

You want to wear a necklace and earrings that you will be able to treasure for years to come. So, when choosing a set that won’t lose its luster over time, remember these fine jewels are a jewelry collector’s dream. Over time, you can always add jewelry pieces to your collection so that you can be spoilt for choice in terms of the diamonds, gold, and silver pieces you have.

Size Your Jewels According to Your Size

A common mistake made by many petite brides is that they settle for earrings and necklaces that are far too large and hence look far too chunky for their delicate faces and necks. Your size is also an important consideration in terms of deciding upon the size and type of the jewels that you would choose.

For the petite frame, even a teardrop earring or a simple stud looks stunningly elegant. A large pair of diamond-encrusted hoops could be the ideal earring piece for a bride who is not quite as fragile. You need to not only let your size prescribe what jewels to choose but also ensure that you factor in your size when choosing the right style of wedding set too.

The Metal Matters the Most

From silver to rose gold, settling on the right jewelry set for you is easy once you understand if you would like to purchase a necklace in a rose gold color or if you are more interested in a silver or white gold piece.

Again, the metal that you choose will be dependent on the year in which you tie the knot. Older brides would vouch for the fact that pure gold was the favorable choice of metal while the Beetles were still a popular band choice for a wedding song.

However, white gold has become somewhat of the more popular choice among today’s brides. A bride who is more daring or a mature lady who wants to add to her wedding jewelry collection after years of marriage may decide upon a rose gold set. Undeniably, rose gold cuts no corners in terms of its luminosity.

Jewelry for the Dress

One of the deciding factors for selecting the right necklace and earrings is to select the set that complements the dress that you will wear at that particular moment. The type of dress that you select for your special day is somewhat dependent on the type of person that you are, and your jewels too must illuminate your personality as well.

If you choose to wear a ball gown, you know that you are the type of person who is fascinated by the flounce and filigree of the ball gown. So, you should choose a daintier and delicate necklace and earring set so as to allow the subtleness of the jewels to work well with how busy the dress is.

If your dress is more formal and structured but without being full of flounce, you could certainly settle for a collar necklace and some drop earrings. In order to strike up attention further, make sure you adorn a necklace with a blush pink diamond or a sapphire blue stone on your wedding day or the day that you re-pledge your love. The type of dress and jewelry that you choose are usually based on your personal preference so you cannot go wrong when selecting jewels that you like for a very memorable day.

Jewelry that Resonates with Your Interests

People in their haste to choose a wedding or special occasion wedding set forget to put their heart and soul into the process of choosing only the most sophisticated pieces. If you are someone who enjoys being out in nature, speak to your fiancé or husband about getting a jewelry set that draws inspiration from nature. Soft yet sparkling leaves connected together in an intricate neckpiece can be equally as eye-catching. It is your special day so find jewelry that stands out for you. Trust your instinct.


Undeniably the best jewelry pieces are those that retain their luster and shine and keep looking brand new no matter how much time passes and how the seasons change. High-quality jewels can be found at a jeweler who offers high-quality service to customers and one who knows the value of forever.

Buying jewelry and caring for your jewelry is a commitment too, so commit by vowing to select only those artistic assets that will symbolize, “forever and always”. Never underestimate the value of getting advice from the best jeweler.

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