How to get better results from your nonprofit marketing campaigns?

What can be better for nonprofit promotion than traditional marketing? Only the digital one! The world we are living in is getting digitalized so quickly that each day brings you more and more opportunities for promotion. For example, online you can: 

  • raise your nonprofit brand or campaign awareness
  • tell people about your new initiative 
  • attract volunteers, donors, employees, partners
  • raise funds for your projects and initiatives 

Even when you set up and run a marketing campaign that is not supposed to attract finances you still invest funds so it is very important that each marketing campaign of yours is efficient. 

Digital marketing solutions are focused on delivering good results to the user, both time and financially wise. Depending on your strategy you shape your tactics as well, listing all marketing activities, tools, and KPIs to reach your strategic goals. 

Each digital marketing campaign, especially for a nonprofit organization, includes certain elements that are necessary to make it effective. Let’s take a closer look at the most important ones. 

It’s all about branding

Every single campaign you run must be branding-based and branding consistent. Branding covers both your strategic actions, messages you deliver with them, and visual elements used for it. Almost all non profit design firms start working on your brand by forming its corporate identity that visually reflects your nonprofit’s unique personality. 

Let influencers talk 

Influence marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience at a global level. Influencers not only know your audience almost as well as you do but also already have a connection with it, as well as they use reliable and precise communicative channels and patterns to reach this audience, deliver necessary messages and get required results. Take your time to develop good and strong relationships with influencers to get their support.

Email marketing rules

No matter how increasingly advanced digital solutions become, email marketing stays one of the best channels for promoting your activities and staying in touch with your organization’s supporters, partners, workers, and friends. 

Using emails as a way of advertising your offers, projects, or initiatives, you choose the direct communication line with your audience and get more precise and faster results. Paid campaigns, such as Gmail Ads, can be precisely targeted, considering all the important data you can view and use when setting up and running those campaigns. 

Spread the word

Another tactical tool of digital marketing is content. Content marketing, to be precise. Every successful nonprofit knows and appreciates this channel. Consider taking the most out of it if you want your campaign to bring you the best results. 

Content marketing includes the creation of relevant and useful content for your audience. Of course, you will need to create separate content for partners, supporters, and volunteers, or work hard on the ways to deliver messages to all of them, using the same pieces of content. The best practice is to combine both in order to see which one works the best for you and then proceed with your tactics. 

It is Search Engine Optimization that is a must for each nonprofit that has its own website. Usually, non profit design firms take into consideration the possibility of further SEO of the website when designing it. Always consider this point when choosing a company to create your website.

When you create content that is SEO optimized your website ranks higher in search engines, which means your audience is more likely to find you and notice what you do. And this is precisely what you want, right? Use all the benefits of organic search to appear in its result and be noticed! 

Optimize your website for mobile devices 

This point is one of the most important ones when working on the improvement of your marketing campaigns. No matter what marketing channels or tools you choose if you lead your audience to your website then you should make sure it is mobile-friendly. More than 50% of Internet users prefer smartphones and tabs to consume information and each year this number is growing. This is why it is of extra importance that your website is easily loaded and viewed on smartphones. Its content should fit all different screen sizes, be easy to read, and all interactive features should work flawlessly. 

And finally

Trying to use all digital channels and tools available you are likely to lose focus and the efficiency of your activities might drop. This is not the best way of spending your time and budget. If you do not have enough resources to test and consistently run campaigns through all digital channels then the best idea will be to list available ones, group them according to your strategic points and prioritize them. Then you will be able to spread your resources easily and track the results. Afterwards, you will manage to form your own promotion program that will consist of the most effective and necessary tools and channels for your case.

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